Vibrava is a universal controller for smart sex toys

Vibrava universal remote

As the market for app-controlled sex toys flourishes, it was only a matter of time before someone came up with ‘one app to rule them all’.

That app is Vibrava, and it promises enhanced functionality for a small but growing list of vibrators – as well as sharing its name with a third generation Pokemon.

As well as controls for a wide range of Bluetooth sex toys, Vibrava also offers to control your phone’s built-in vibration motor, in case you want something a bit more home-made.

Vibrava allows you to create custom vibration patterns for your devices, as well as set time periods for edging play.

Vibrava’s designers have clearly put a lot of thought into the app, which includes allowing it to keep running even if you decide to do something else on your phone, like perhaps watch a video or listen to some audio porn.

The current list of supported devices includes popular models from the likes of We-Vibe and Kiiroo. Vibrava says it’s constantly adding to the list, which is what’s required if

It’s worth pointing out that although Vibrava is free to download, there is a one-off payment of $5.99 to access the Bluetooth functionality, the rhythm designer and most importantly, ditch the irritating adverts.

That said, if you just want to turn your phone into an impromptu vibrator, the free version works just fine.

Vibrava is available for Android via the Google Play Store. There’s no iOS version at present, but we’d be surprised if there wasn’t a version for Apple users soon, given the potential size of the user base. That said, Apple isn’t ever keen on sex.

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