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Google’s new ‘Instant Apps’ for Android could be huge for the adult industry

Google wants to make it a lot easier for users to hop from a mobile browser to a native app experience, and to help it along that road, it's introduced a new ...

Durex says you’re ruining your holiday sex with your phone

No, the company doesn't think that you're using it wrong but results from a survey of 2,000 people suggest you're really using it way, way too much. The ...

Grindr and other popular gay dating apps are leaking their users’ location

File this one under 'oh, crap', because if you're a Grindr, Jack'd or Hornet (or indeed, all of them) user then you should know that the apps have the ... launches to keep you at the cutting-edge of adult tech

Hello! You've made it to - but you're here, so you know that already. I'm not going to keep you long, I promise, but just wanted to tell ...

5 budget VR headsets for your secret #futureporn addiction

You don't need to be a big spender to start getting to grips with VR porn, so we've put together a list of some of the best budget VR headsets available in ...

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  1. Sir/Ma’am, this is a Wendy’s.

  2. Hi Annabelle, it seems from the website that the app no longer exists. Indeed, the website no longer exists either!

  3. This should work for either, as long as you have a working VR Virtual Desktop app on whichever device you are using… it might not be a great experience on a phone though!

  4. Would you want this?

  5. Indeed, there are still no viable workarounds that we know of at this time. Anyone with a Chromecast, Amazon Fire TV or Google / Android TV can still watch basically the same set of channels. Pretty annoying about Roku, nonetheless.

  6. Roku stopped allowing third-party adult channels in March 2022, unfortunately. Sorry, Roberta!

  7. Thanks Michael, we put a lot of effort into keeping this up-to-date!

  8. Hmm, that’s strange. It has happened once before, many years ago when the website was being updated in 2017. What did say about the problem?

  9. Yeah, none of the codes will work anymore, as Roku removed the ability to have private channels. You can still use Chromecast or Google TV to watch porn on the big screen, but not via Roku currently.

  10. It should work OK if side-loaded like others mentioned here –

  11. Hi Rickie, Roku disabled the ability to host private/hidden channels in March 2022. No workaround is yet in place, unfortunately.

  12. Roku has disabled all private channels, at least for now, it seems.

  13. Hi Elizabeth, we appreciate you pointing this out. The links you mentioned have been updated now, and should indeed point to the correct people. Our readers such as you are, as ever, our greatest asset.

  14. Hello, for now there is no workaround for Roku devices, but we do have guides for watching on Smart TVs via Chromecast, Google TV / Android TV / Android Media Players and Amazon Fire devices (sticks, boxes, etc.)

    We’re working on guides for other devices too, which are you trying to use / what kind of smart TV (and operating system on it) do you have?

  15. Hi John,
    Playboy has had a bit of an up and down time with Roku. Playboy did use to be available as a Roku private channel, but it isn’t any longer. From what I know of Playboy Now, it is as you described. Playboy as a whole has changed a lot since 2017!

  16. That doesn’t sound correct. I think the customer service gave you wrong information. However, we’ve also contacted the company today to find out definitively.

  17. Oh, that’s weird. We’ve been in touch with them now to ask if they’re planning on restocking this item –

  18. That’s strange. I know that it only seems to work with VirtualRealPorn’s brand of sites (VirtualRealPorn, VirtualRealGay, VirtualRealTrans, VirtualRealJapan). Have you tried contacting them via a Contact page?

  19. Hello – there isn’t an iStripper APK, as you can just visit in the browser.

  20. The price in India currently seems to work out to around $400.

  21. Hi Mika, yep, that’s right…just download and play on the Oculus GO. However, you only get to download the low resolution versions of scenes. If you want the highest resolution of the scene that has been uploaded, then you have to pay for Pornhub Premium…whether this is worth it versus a dedicated VR site is debatable though! Downloads from Pornhub seem to be pretty slow in my experience, too.

    Give the low-res free versions a try perhaps, but if you’re left feeling a bit underwhelmed by the VR experience, sideload the VRBangers Oculus GO app (or SexLikeReal) onto your headset and test out the 5k scenes (VRBangers goes up to 6k, but the GO won’t play those) and cool app features. It’s a world of difference.

  22. In terms of delivery – should always be more discreet than that! You should let the retailer you bought it from know!

  23. Hi Thor,
    What was the connection problem? The reason there aren’t any noted in this review is because we didn’t suffer any when testing! We did, however, sometimes need to re-pair the FeelConnect App with the site that we were using at the time to get it to re-sync with the on-screen action. Does it provide any sort of error code or anything? What phone are you pairing with?

  24. Hi Krish, there isn’t an Android iStripper application. The only thing you could do is use the same method as described in this post to show your PC’s Remote Desktop on your Android device.

  25. I will try and check this for you in the next few days, so I can provide full instructions.

  26. Hi Rab, thanks for the comment! This review is getting a little old now, and could do with an update – particularly as cheaper devices like the Titan and Jett have launched too. We’ve also got a range of different suggestions for people with disabilities in this article here too.

  27. Hi Henry! Oops, you are of course correct. Appreciate you taking the time to point it out – the article has been updated now!

  28. Hey James – thanks! Those images are screenshots I made from scenes downloaded from DDFNetworkVR

  29. Hey Max, tbh, the first time I used it, I wasn’t massively impressed. However, on subsequent occasions it was a lot more fun.

    You’re right that it is a different experience though – vibrations aren’t something that are built into most toys for guys, but there’s a whole bunch of people that will enjoy it…they just don’t know it yet. If you know you don’t enjoy vibrations, the Fleshlight Launch is a much better choice (as you also said).

  30. Hey Mark, the image at the top is taken from a free scene at – the scene is called ‘Feeding a Vegan’ –

    In terms of other free interactive content, it’s mostly tube sites like Pornhub’s Interactive section (linked in the article above)

  31. Of course, feel free to link to it. Glad you enjoyed the article – we plan to update it as testing continues!