Back in March, well-known “pleasure product” brand Lelo announced it was going to blow the never-changing world of condoms away.

And considering the company is claiming that the new Lelo Hex condoms are going to represent “most important advance in condoms for 70 years,” it’s really not said very much about them.

Your wait, however, should nearly be over, as Lelo is sending out emails to people who registered early interest with a countdown timer showing less than a day to go until launch.

“We want to thank you so much for your interest and enthusiasm for the LELO HEX condom project. We’re so close to launch (not even a day away!) and to show our appreciation, we want to let you know about some exclusive LELO discounts that will be coming your way. We can’t say what they are yet, so stay tuned!”- Lelo

The company says it has been working on the Hex project for more than five years, and that the aim is to reduce the number of STIs being transmitted.

Making money along the way is just a happy byproduct of that altruistic ideal.

Snark aside, Lelo’s assertion that a decrease in condom use could be tied to inertia in the industry could have some merit. It’s far more likely you’ll see a ‘novelty’ condom brand pop up than a company saying it’s going to reinvent the proverbial wheel.

Until tomorrow, and we get more details of its claimed innovation, it’s still all just hot air though.