Tinder Vault is a $500-per-month subscription for people who want to pay for exclusivity


Tinder is working on an exclusive $500-a-month subscription version of the dating app, tentatively called Tinder Vault.

The news was revealed by the app’s chief product officer Mark Van Ryswyk, who did not give further details of the plan. The move seems likely to potentially appeal to deep-pocketed singles looking to date other high net worth people, in an exclusive dating sphere not normally associated with the app, most users of which use the free version.

Van Ryswyk said that Tinder was “still in this learning mode” with regards to Tinder Vault, suggesting that a launch could still be a way away. He added: “I’m always like, ‘I want it yesterday.’ And, of course, these things don’t work that way,” reported Fast Company.

So, will anyone be willing to cough up the equivalent of $6,000 a year for a walled-off version of Tinder where only big spenders can operate? Match Group, Tinder’s parent company, seems confident in the high subscription fee model. In 2022, the firm acquired The League, an exclusive dating app with membership fees ranging between a few hundred to almost one thousand dollars per month. The League’s tagline is: “Are you in?”

The news of Tinder Vault also comes after the sharp rise in popularity of Raya, an ultra-exclusive dating apps that many celebrities and public figures use. Raya only costs $9.99 per month, however. The real currency required to access the app is good looks and high social status.

Tinder’s Van Ryswyk added that staff were “really looking at a whole range of additional value-add services to Tinder overall.”

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