Campaigners set to discuss the ethics of sex robots in society


The Campaign Against Sex Robots (CASR), a group that says it works to protect the rights of women while highlighting the potential harm that artificial alternatives create, is holding its latest anti-sexbot event online on July 4.

‘Sex Tech, Robots & AI: A Feminist Response’ will present a program of all-female speakers discussing and workshopping different aspects of the issues surrounding the rise of sex robots and the way that they are said to simply replicate the patriarchal mistakes of real life.

Speakers include CASR founder, Professor Kathleen Richardson of De Montfort University, alongside speakers from prominent groups, including CEASE, Object!, Click Off and FiLiA.

Topics covered will include the patriarchal idealism of sex robots, the way digital technology is changing interpersonal relationships and the ever thorny issue against using robots as surrogates for illegal acts such as paedophilia. The group has previously said that sex robots “add to the ubiquitous culture where sexual violence against women and girls is reiterated in a new form.”

After the talks, there will be a time for discussion, as well as an opportunity to learn about what CASR plans next, and what opportunities there are to join the campaign.

The event runs from 09:00-14:30 BST (04:00-09:30 EST) on Saturday July 4 2020, including a lunch break. Participation is free, but requires registration.

Naturally, given it’s the Campaign Against Sex Robots, we’re not expecting a whole lot of outcomes in favor of them.

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