Women’s health and sex to be explored at free online FemTech event in June

femtech summit 2022

A free two-day online conference exploring women’s health and technology, including discussions about sex and input from sextech industry figures, is set to take place in June.

The 2022 FemTechnology Summit is set for June 1-2, with online registration open now.

Among the speakers will be Anna Lee, co-founder and head of engineering at the Lioness vibrator company, who appears in SEXTECHGUIDE’s ‘Who’s who in sextech’ feature.

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FemTechnology Summit
Wednesday 01 June, 2022 – Thursday 02 June, 2022
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The FemTechnology Summit brings together FemTech Startups, groundbreaking researchers and chief clinicians to showcase a 360 degree perspective on innovation in women’s health. 

Other speakers will include Lina Chan, creator of women’s health and fertility issues app Parla, and Dr Alyson McGregor, co-founder and director of the Division of Sex and Gender in Emergency Medicine at Brown University, Rhode Island.

Sessions at the conference will include a talk on the future of fertility, the ‘gender data gap’ in the medical field, and the future of healthcare with women in mind. Another session will look at the impact of sex on risk and therapeutics for chronic disease.

The conference will attempt to highlight how historically female biology hasn’t been taken into account enough in medical trials and studies.

“There are sex differences in every single cell in the human body. This impacts healthcare at all levels – from diagnostics to care to treatment to education – or at least it should,” the organizers said.

They continued: “Yet throughout history women have been considered ‘aberrations’ from the norm, rather than a crucial and vital part of the population to be included in medical trials and long-term studies. In the 21st century, this has to change – and is finally starting to.”

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