Hybrid sexuality and tech conference to explore dating app ‘terror’ and assisted procreation

technology sexuality conference st2022

The fourth edition of the sexuality and technologies conference organized by the Canadian sexual health charity Les3Sex*, ST2022, is set to take place as a hybrid online/offline event on March 26 2022.

Held at the Phi Center in Montreal, the event will feature three conference sessions exploring sexuality, technology and psychology.

The first will be based on the topic Assisted procreation with others in the digital age, and will be hosted by Kévin Lavoie, a PhD at the University of Montreal. The session will look at how social media has facilitated surrogacy, the legal and health concerns that this raises, and the depths of the interactions involved.

The second conference session will be titled Dating Apps: A Space of Vulnerability and Terror. It will be hosted by the artist 2Fik, who will discuss a performance piece he made about dating apps, plus the issue of violence deriving from the matches made on them.

The third session will look at the issue of misunderstandings derived from mediation sessions based on text messages. It will be hosted by Elise Huot, who works with the Quebec-based young persons and parents’ counselling service Fondation Tel-Jeunes.

Video conference tickets cost from $119.99, with discounts for students and professionals working in the fields of sex and technology. The conferences are expected to be hosted in the French language, with organizers saying that some sessions may be held in English, with French subtitles.

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