Lovense has announced an integration for its interactive sex toys, such as the Max 2 or Lush 3, with the popular Windows-based adult virtual world [NSFW] 3DXChat.

Announced this week, the partnership brings new capabilities to players of the game (provided they own a Lovense toy) and brings to life even more the 500 different sex positions available in 3DXChat.

While the game does also support limited VR headsets — namely the Oculus Rift CV1 — it’s also fully playable on a computer (but not a phone, currently).

“The digitalization of our world has significantly accelerated recently, and the merging of virtual experience with sensory experience will allow millions of people to feel real pleasure and sensations from the safety of their homes with those they love or have just met in the digital universe,” a spokesperson for 3DXChat says in a statement.

While it’s possible to download the game for free, you’ll need a paid subscription to play it — ranging from $9.99 per month to $45 per year, currently — and make use of the Lovense integration.

“We have implemented a fantastic project, which can definitely be considered a significant milestone in the development of sex tech. Combining the experience of virtual life and VR technology with smart sex toys is an incredible, indescribable feeling, ” says Dan Liu, CEO of Lovense.

Just like users without a compatible smart sex toy, anyone with a Lovense device can choose between interacting with other real world users in the public areas of the game, or have a little fun with a virtual partner — there are only two to choose between, but you can create your own perfect playmate too. And of course, there’s no reason to limit yourself to just one partner at a time, if virtual orgies are more your thing.

The new features will be live and ready to use for players all around the world from May 10, 2021.

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