5 budget VR headsets for your secret #futureporn addiction

Huawei introduces a revolutionary AI-powered gimbal that enhances VR porn experiences.

You don’t need to be a big spender to start getting to grips with VR porn, so we’ve put together a list of some of the best budget VR headsets available in 2016.

These are some of the cheapest – and best – ways to get started for less than £50. Plus a majority of the materials in the cheapest ones are recyclable too, so you can feel good about yourself at the same time as just feeling good.

We’ve included the official Cardboard, but there are some other Google Cardboard and Samsung Gear VR alternatives below to check out.

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Google Cardboard

Google’s official Cardboard setup is a tried and tested budget VR option. That’s not to say it’s necessarily as comfortable as a full VR headset experience, it is still cardboard, but it’s a cheap way to get a foot in the door.

google_cardboard budget vr headset

At £15 ($15 in the US) and just 96 grams, it’s not going to weigh on your face or wallet. It’ll support phones that are between 4-inches and 6-inches, and has a click button on the side for interacting with on-screen content.

If you want to get one for your partner too, you can get a two-pack for £25/$25.


If you don’t want to go down the official Google Cardboard route, then the D-SCOPE Pro, based on Cardboard V2, is a solid option for anyone looking to keep cost down, but still get in on the action. ir?t=sextecom09 21&l=as2&o=2&a=B016ZSS8T0

DSCOPE ir?t=sextecom09 21&l=as2&o=2&a=B016ZSS8T0At £11.99, it’s even cheaper than the official Google version, and for the £3 saving you still get support for phones up to 6-inches (including iPhones) and the included biconvex lenses have a 37mm focal length. Google’s Cardboard has a 45mm focal length – generally a lower focal length is better.

If you go for the D-SCOPE Pro V2, you also get access to some additional VR content when you scan the included QR codes.

Reviews suggest you might need to make some of your own minor alterations to the nose support, but then you did just save £3 didn’t you.

An alternative option from the same manufacturer in the US is the $16.99 version from Amazon.com.

Homido VR

There are a number of other Cardboard-like headsets between the price of the D-SCOPE V2 and the Homido headset, but with it currently listed at just over £45 on Amazon, it just scrapes in below the £50 maximum.

homido2 budget vr headset


At its core, it works just like the Cardboard systems – that is, it’s compatible with Android and iPhone, and will work with universal VR apps, as well as Cardboard ones.

Why bother with the price upgrade then? Comfort.

Rather than having to expend effort ignoring the press of cardboard against your forehead, you get a nice cushiony foam surround instead.

You also don’t have to assemble it yourself, which is always a bonus.

The downside is perhaps the weight: at 413 grams it’s not as light as the cheaper options (obviously, as it’s plastic) but it’s still not too much strain to take.

Fiit VR

The Fiit VR is a Samsung Gear VR-alike, but with the added bonus of not being limited to Samsung devices and costing a whole lot less.

FiitVR budget vr

At £17.99, it’s certainly nothing close to expensive, and you get an altogether more professional looking headset than with a cardboard option. And yes, it still works with iPhone and Android devices.

It has a claimed 102-degree field-of-vision (which the company says allows you to see more than with other cheap headsets) and uses non-polarized, optical resin lenses.

As with Gear VR, you get an adjustable strap to make sure it all stays comfortable and to keep the correct pressure on your nose.

They’re not as heavy as other options too, at 263 grams.


If you’re one of those odd people that has a phone that’s larger than 5.5-inches, you’ll want to check out alternative options like the Trailerblazer VR headset, which will support phones (or tablets, or ‘phablets’ or whatever you call them) of up to 6.5-inches.

trailblazervr budget vr

Like the Fiit VR, it has a wider claimed 105-degree field-of-view and has 42mm spherical resin lenses and an adjustable overhead strap with foam padding around the forehead and nose sections.

Unlike some of the others, however, it also allows you to adjust the focal length to your own needs. Oddly, it weighs exactly the same as the Fiit VR.

The company does note that a controller may also be required for VR apps and games that rely solely on an action button.

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