The Autoblow AI+ is a much smarter version of the Autoblow AI, which even includes voice control

autolow ai+ launch

Autoblow has quietly launched a new, and significantly upgraded, version of the Autoblow AI, cunningly named the Autoblow AI+, that costs $219.95 (as a launch discount, down from $299.95) and is available to buy now.

While the overall look and operation of the device remains largely the same, the new toy has a whole load of new features on-board, including no wake word voice control, a downloadable blowjob library, a web app and —‍perhaps more crucially—‍the option to adjust the grip of the device itself, making it more comfortable for a wider range of the population.

The universal web app (ie. no downloads required) at allows you to make use of six voice commands: Go, Pause, Faster, Slower, Next and Finish Me. This last option “activates the surprise AI experience at the highest speed to bring the user to orgasm as quickly as possible,” the company says.

Autoblow AI+

$219.95 $299.95
Last update was on: September 13, 2023 10:41 pm

Connect To Wifi To Enable Countless Hours Of Enjoyment: Whether you hand over your token to a remote operator, download new blowjob experiences, or control your blowjob using voice commands, one thing is certain: you’ll never be bored!

Brian Sloan, founder and inventor of the Autoblow, says that the web app serves as the portal to almost all the additional features. In there, you can control the Autoblow AI+ remotely by adjusting modes, speeds and patterns, you can browse, preview and download (for offline use) a library of blowjobs, and the voice control feature, which Sloan tells SEXTECHGUIDE makes use of the microphone in whatever device (phone/tablet/laptop etc.) you are using.

“Speaking is the main way we express our sexual needs to partners and I am working towards a future where we will speak the same way to our sexual devices. Our 6 built-in voice commands that control the pace and, importantly, the ending of a machine given blowjob are an important step in that direction. Using new tech without a wake word makes speaking to the Autoblow feel strangely natural,” Sloan says.

Like many other adult tech companies, Autoblow has chosen to eschew native mobile and desktop apps, as Google and Apple’s opinion on explicit content or adult toys isn’t really very supportive (read: they outright ban many things).

“We refuse to be forced to use non-sexual words to describe the sexual functionality inside of our app and we refuse to hide or attempt to hide the Autoblow app’s true use case. If we self-censor sexual language in order to reach people in Apple and Google’s app stores, we will only re-stigmatize the normal sexual behavior which millions of people have worked for dozens or even hundreds of years to normalize. We reject the stranglehold that Apple and Google have over hundreds of millions of people’s sexual thoughts by limiting the language that can be used refer to sexual activity within apps in stores they control[…],” Sloan added.

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One final feature, which only just made it into the web app before launch, is the option to easily share control of your device with anyone else, simply by sharing a link. Clicking the link logs the other person straight into the web app with full control over your toy and all the features, so perhaps don’t go putting it in your Twitter bio (or perhaps do?).

The only notable feature really missing from the Autoblow AI+ is the option to sync the blowjob experience with on-screen action or other devices, but sooner or later, that’ll probably come down the line too. We’ll let you know when we find out for sure.

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