Emme smart case can detect if you forgot to take your contraceptive pill

Emme Smart Pill Case

One of the potentially many problems with the contraceptive pill (wonderful as it is, in another way) is that it doesn’t remember to take itself, and while a low-tech pill case is one solution, it’s still fallible. Emme, a smart case for the contraceptive pill, has an altogether more technologically-inclined answer.

Emme is a case designed to hold a month’s blister pack of pills, and by pairing it to the accompanying app, Emme is able to detect – and if necessary remind you – about taking your pills.

The case, which comes in a range of color combinations, links to your phone via Bluetooth. If it hasn’t been opened at the right time, you’ll get a push notification to your phone. If it has (and this is the good bit) it’ll leave you alone – it won’t simply bug you at the same time each day. The case is attractive, but also anonymous, and won’t look obvious if you have a bag spill (we’ve all done it).

According to Emme, beta testers found an 80 percent reduction in missed pills when using the app. If you’re a traveller, Emme automatically updates its alerts when you move time zone.

Elsewhere on the app, there’s tons of support available – as well as advice on pills in general, there’s specific support for what to do if the worst happens and you do forget to take one.

The real value in Emme comes from its cycle-tracking, an obvious inclusion, but beautifully executed. The better you monitor your cycles, the more you can look for problems such as PMS, cramps and mood changes.

The $99 Emme case can go for 6 months on a single charge before it needs a night plugged into the USB-C charging cable. The app is currently available to iOS and Android users, but we’ve reached out to Emme to ask if an Android version is on the way.

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