Lovense integrates Apple Vision Pro features into Remote app with custom hands-free control and long-distance features


Lovense has announced a new ‘hands-free’ sex toy software integration function with the new Apple Vision Pro mixed reality headset, set to be released in the US on February 2, 2024.

The Apple Vision Pro, the first mixed-reality headset release by Apple, does not require the use of a physical controller. Lovense, known for its remote-controlled sextech devices, has made use of this by designing VR-related software integration with the Lovense Remote app, allowing you to control toys by making hand movements while wearing the Vision Pro, though that’s not the only use case.

The hand movements can also be transferred to a linked Lovense sextech device, such as its Lush vibrator or Solace penis stroker, worn by a partner anywhere in the world with an internet connection.

For example, make a circle shape with your right hand and make a classic penis masturbation motion while connected to the Vision Pro Lovense software, and the same ‘wanking’ motions can be synchronized to a device worn by a partner.

An image of a man in a bed with an Apple Vision Pro camera.
Lovense Remote in action on the Apple Vision Pro: Got a hand gesture for bringing me a cup of tea in bed?

This works by using the Vision Pro’s headset tracking the hand movements with its gesture recognition functions, originally designed to help control the headset without a hand controller.

Lovense meets Apple Vision Pro for highly interactive intimacy

Long-distance lovers could benefit, despite the hefty sum

Dan Liu, Lovense’s CEO, said the software integration was a “big step towards transforming how people experience long-distance intimacy.”

Indeed, utilizing the Apple Vision Pro, which is designed for highly perceptive recognition of hand gestures, does feel like a step forward for Lovense. The company’s remote-controlled sextech devices are mainly controlled by smartphones loaded with the Lovense Remote app, rather than hand movements and headsets.

Combining the technology with video calls could potentially create a highly intimate and interactive remote sex experience between consenting partners. Or at least partners who can afford the Apple Vision Pro’s $3,499 price tag.

Apple is keen for its flagship headset to be described as a “spatial computing” device. It has told app developers creating content for the device to not “describe your app experience as augmented reality (AR), virtual reality (VR), extended reality (XR), or mixed reality (MR).”

A woman wearing a mixed reality headset on a black background.
The Apple Vision Pro: Eyes model’s own

Lovense seems to have respected this wish, using the “spatial computing” phrase in its materials announcing the new remote hand gesture software integration.

It’s not Lovense’s first foray into mixed reality and VR, however. The company’s app integrates with standalone VR porn sites and VR aggregators like SexLikeReal [NSFW].

Preview tests of the Vision Pro have led to glowing reports about the device, which will have 256GB of storage, dual 4k resolution displays, 12 cameras, five sensors, and six microphones. It will be able to be used for up to two hours on each charge.

One feature of the headset presumably designed to make the wearer appear more ‘human’ has proved controversial. The Vision Pro depicts the headset wearer’s eyes on the external screen of the device (see image above), showing their eye movements and creating visuals that some have described as a bit bizarre.

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