Nudifier ‘x-ray app’ adds male deepfake option that costs 10x more than female images


When we spoke to in August, the company said it was developing its algorithm to work on images of men. However, its rival, NudifierApp, seems to have beaten it to the punch by announcing support for the feature first.

There is a catch though: to use it costs ten times more than processing a female image. We got in touch with Nudifier to find out why.

“Just because we’re the first service to provide the feature” and “it may generate unexpected amount of traffic and may take us out of service”. This was certainly true for the original DeepNude site that shut down, at least in part, from the unprecedented interest in the app.

How does the ‘male mode’ work?

Though the approach is similar, Nudifier told SEXTECHGUIDE that there are some significant differences in comparison to female image processing.

A spokesman said that the male feature turned out to be more sophisticated in terms of implementation than expected, and takes more time to be tested thoroughly and integrated, hence the higher price point.

Nudifier said that as the vulva is “flat”, it can be represented as “just a piece of texture at body image.” However, as a “penis has a shape, that varies very much, if we left it up to the neural net to choose the shape, size, direction and proportions of it, it would be the lottery and might not satisfy our clients.”

The ‘female pro’ mode was the first step to making male mode possible. Nudifier explained that in this mode you can choose which parts of clothing you want to remove and then you schematically draw the breast, the nipples, vulva, and can vary their sizes, shapes and positions. In ‘female auto’ mode the neural net does it for you.

Therefore, in ‘male pro’ mode one can schematically draw the parts, including the testicles and penis, to be converted into a realistic image, “exactly as in our female pro mode.”

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Oli Lipski

Oli Lipski

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