Motorbunny’s FappyBunny Android app is free to download (but you’ll need to spend $1k to really play)

FappyBunny now available on Android

Sex toy maker Motorbunny has announced the arrival of its interactive mobile game, Fappybunny, on Android devices, which works with its range of high-end ride-on sex toys.

Previously released for iOS only, the game uses the same concept as 2014’s megahit Flappy Bird, but with a sexy twist.

By pairing one of Motorbunny’s ‘ride on’ vibrators, you can get what techie types refer to as haptic feedback. The higher the bunny jumps, the higher the vibration from the toy. If you crash, you’ll be jolted with a vibe going ‘all the way to 11’.

As the bunny traverses a series of obstacles, you help avoid a collision by tapping the screen.

“Accessibility is a major part of our brand DNA, so it was always on our roadmap to provide an Android version of the game,” said Craig Mewbourne, CMO of Motorbunny. “Being able to combine the fun of gaming and the pleasure Motorbunny provides is an unforgettable experience, and we want as many people to enjoy it as possible.”

Although you can play Fappybunny as a standalone game, if you want the full experience, it’s not enough just to own a Motorbunny unit. You’ll also need the $199.99 MotorBunny Link (an optional extra) to get your device online and linked to your mobile, or the $999 starter pack, which includes the Motorbunny Link extras.

Given the costs it’s unlikely that anyone will be rushing to fork out over a thousand bucks to just to play a FlappyBird clone, but it does give a nice representation of the sort of innovation that internet/Bluetooth connectivity has brought to the adult market in recent years – and if you happen to already have the requisite gear, you’ll probably not be able to resist at least giving it a try.

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