Erotic audio app Emjoy lands $3m in funding as sextech goldrush continues


Despite looming potential global financial disaster, sextech firms have seen a number of high-profile, high value investments during 2020, and Emjoy has just joined that illustrious list.

The female-focused audio app offers advice on self-care and empowerment has just received $3 million in seed funding from a range of investors, including JME Ventures and its existing investor Nauta Capital – previously the workplace of one of the founders.

It joins the likes of sexual health app Loom, and sex therapy app Blueheart, in a goldrush moment for the burgeoning sextech industry.

Emjoy launched in 2018, and despite the $30 annual price tag for the full service offering, has already received plaudits and praise from across the sector.

“It’s not about telling people that they have issues or problems, it’s about saying you have the agency over your sex life and you need to understand yourself before you can get what you want sexually,” explained co-founder Andrea Oliver during the launch.

As well as sextech in general, this is an endorsement for the growing erotic audio market, which has seen a variety of new entries in recent months, ranging from erotica through to practical coaching with sexual dysfunction, to self-empowerment.

At time of writing, Emjoy says it has 150,000 active users, of which around 10 percent are subscribing to the paid service, with the bulk in the US and UK. That’s no small achievement, given that currently the recordings are only available in English.

Emjoy will be ploughing the money into creating more content for its users, all of which is overseen by sexual health experts, psychologists and scientists, the company says.

The team also hints at future collaborations with the industry to create a “market leader” in the audio sextech space.

Emjoy is available for both iOS (Apple) and Android devices – there’s a good range of content available for free before you commit to any sort of in-app purchases.

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