VR Paradise DLC adds new ‘futuristic’ Utopia 2089 strip club, costumes and more

VR Paradise Utopia 2089 DLC

VR Paradise has launched new downloadable content for its Steam strip club portal.

A spokesperson for the platform, which launched in 2018, confirmed the arrival of Utopia 2089, as its newest “futuristic” strip venue to SEXTECHGUIDE. It’s the first whole new venue added, and also brings new costumes for the performers (two for each character you’ve downloaded), three new music tracks, and some new accessories.

In addition, all your existing assets “drink menu, money, gun, glasses, etc.” have been adapted to fit the general ambience of the futuristic venue.

VR Paradise Utopia 2089 DLC

Whichever venue you choose, you’ll be able to pick from multiple performers, over three stages, and even call them over for a private dance. And of course, you’ve got a supply of dollar bills to reward a job well done – so don’t be a cheap-ass. Make it rain!

In the main club, you’re limited to topless dances, but book a private room and you’ll get a full, nude dance.

vr paradise utopia dlc 5
Private rooms allow fully nude shows.

VR Paradise works on wired headsets from Oculus (Rift) and HTC (Vive), as well as Microsoft Hololens and other Microsoft Mixed Reality (MR) headsets, and can be downloaded from the Steam Store.

VR Paradise Utopia 2089 DLC

The base app costs $19.99, including the main venue and three performers. The Utopia 2098 pack costs $9.99. Additional performers can be added in two more DLC packs at $5.99 each.

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