Purple Hazzze will offer an extra-terrestrial stripping experience in VR

Purple Hazzze Featured

While there’s a whole lot of VR porn sites in 2020, and other virtual stripping experiences, there’s aren’t too many like Purple Hazzze Club, a virtual club where the entertainment is altogether more cross-species.

Indeed, if aliens and humanoid hybrids are spectacularly sexy to you, then Hazzze Club’s upcoming launch will be right up your street for a number of reasons, not least of which will likely be the kind of outfits (and even appendages in some cases) that translate a lot better in the virtual world.

Whether its a blue skin-tight latex Spidergirl, Alise, the pole-dancing humanoid, or Arrie (’you won’t believe how shiny her ass is!’), Purple Hazzze has been designed to let you unleash your fantasies on a group that are somewhere between a fetish club, a cosplay convention and a remake of Barbarella.

Or as the designers put it “Freaks, Fun and Fetish unite here!”

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Purple Hazzze Club

If you’re not quite ready to get freaky with another species, the company says you can wander around the dark, smoky club and just watch the robot strip acts, and generally soak up the freakiness from the comfort of your HTC Vive or Oculus headset.

The designs shown in the sneak previews manage to strike an interesting balance between humanoid sexuality and science fiction fantasy. If the finished product renders as well as the stills animate, this could be something very special indeed – it certainly fills a gap in the market that many people won’t have even realized existed.

Full details and launch date are yet to be announced, but you can keep in touch with developments, and get sneak previews of your new, intergalactic playmates by following on Twitter or Instagram.

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