There’s only one way Apple’s purchase of Spaces could be good news for adult VR

Apple Spaces VR

Despite its mighty position in 2020, Apple has always lagged behind competitors when it comes to virtual reality (VR), but that could be about to change with the company’s purchase of Spaces.

Spaces, an endeavour spun off from Dreamworks, wasn’t saying much ahead of the deal – obviously – but Apple did reluctantly acknowledge the move in a statement sent to some outlets after the rumor mill started churning

“Apple buys smaller technology companies from time to time, and we generally do not discuss our purpose or plans,” the company told Protocol.

‘So what?’ we hear you cry.

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Well, this isn’t just any VR company. This one is capable of putting real-life likenesses on virtual figures – and if you’re one step ahead of us, you’ve already worked out that could have some serious applications for the adult market.

The downside is that Apple almost certainly won’t be using it for that – remember this is the company that won’t let adult content into its app stores and doesn’t really want to acknowledge that people have sexual pleasure in their lives – or at least, have nothing to do with it.

But what Apple does do is what Apple does best: popularizing new technology and normalizing it into the less-techie community.

That means that, if all goes well, the adult industry will still get the same buzz out of Apple’s VR ambitions, as their own platforms for VR shenanigans seem a little less ‘alien’.

If you’d already experienced Spaces and thought “this would be great for adult conten”, it’s worth knowing that it wasn’t going to happen either way – Spaces had pretty much shut down at the start of the pandemic, knowing that it wasn’t robust enough to survive the slump.

So, while it may seem like a wasted opportunity to see a firm with so much potential for adult content in the hands of a company that won’t touch it, in reality, by saving it, Apple may have fired the starting gun on wider acceptance of VR – including in the adult industry, and that’s the best result we could have hoped for from a company resolutely against adult content.

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