Pornhub’s getting into sex-ed. Seriously.


You might not have expected this one, but Pornhub has launched a ‘Sexual Wellness Center‘ to provide younger visitors to the site – note: still over 18, – with advice and answers to common questions or problems they might have.

It’s divided into different categories of content, like basic sexual anatomy, relationship advice, information about STDs and STIs, and Pornhub’s also running weekly Q&A sessions with Dr. Laurie Betito, a clinical psychologist who focuses on love, sex and relationships.

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There’s also a ‘real-talk’ area of the site and articles like ‘5 Tips to Help Adult Aged Virgins Get A Partner‘.

To a cynic, it might sound like a thinly veiled way to drive yet more pageviews to its already hugely successful main site, but aside of living on a sub-domain of Pornhub (, there’s no pornographic content or cross-promotion going on.

With Pornhub already being frequently visited by the young adult audience this service is aimed at, it could end up being a valuable repository of information. It also helps the company’s general image and will likely convert into additional users, so it could prove a win all round.


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