BaDoinkVR review: Excellent ‘virtual theater’ mode


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BaDoinkVR review: Excellent ‘virtual theater’ mode
BaDoinkVR review: Excellent ‘virtual theater’ mode
$9.95 $24.95
Virtual Theater mode is particularly good for smartphone headsets
Includes non-VR scenes on BaDoinkVIP
Unlimited streaming and downloads
3 new scenes per week
Easy to find and filter scenes in particular niche

It’s been six years now since BaDoinkVR started providing some of the best VR porn for early tech adopters, and as one of the quicker companies to jump on virtual reality porn, it has had more time than most to refine its offering. The diversity of its experiments in VR porn reflect that well. Read on for our full BaDoinkVR review to see how the company used that head start and how it’s doing now.

Does it offer enough to deliver a better experience than rivals like VirtualRealPornWankzVR and the many more that have launched since? Why are we still here asking questions when we could be finding out?

Fair point.


BaDoinkVR Review: Design

In one way, a no-nonsense, straight to the clips approach is what a lot of viewers will probably want, but I found the lack of filters in comparison to VirtualRealPorn a little bit of a disappointment.

When you open up BadoinkVR, on mobile or desktop (for later side-loading), you’re presented with a stream of the latest VR porn clips available. It helps you jump right in, but it’s limiting in a discovery sense if you’re looking for something specific. Most likely, you’re probably not on your first use.

Nonetheless, the simplicity of the design and the presentation of all the useful information (file size, type, etc) makes it a service that looks good and is easy to use.

As with other sites, you’ll need a VR player to view the files – for Samsung Gear VR owners, you can download and move them to your MilkVR folder (if you use MilkVR), or if you’re using a non-Samsung device, the site prompts you to install Badoink’s own app called ‘Free VR Player‘, which we did.

The app is a no-frills solution to getting VR porn on your phone, putting it in keeping with BadoinkVR as a whole, and will let you stream videos too, saving you the need to download them.

If you want to do that, you just need to tap the ‘link’ icon on the video you want to watch, and then paste it into the box that pops up when you hit ‘Stream’ in the Free VR Player app. Simple, but the quality won’t be quite as good as download.

BaDoinkVR Review: Content

While the catalog offers no complaints – aside of the very ‘middle-of-the-road’ nature of the scenes, which is common across VR porn at the moment – it could do with more scenes. Rivals like VirtualRealPorn have well over 750 now. If that’s your primary consideration, head there (or consider an aggregator site like POVR) instead.

Currently, there’s at least two new videos added per week to BadoinkVR, plus one from one of the network partner sites. This has ensured a steady catalog growth over the years, which is always good to hear for anyone considering subscribing.

BaDoink also has a great feature that makes it super-simple to stay immersed in videos while watching. Essentially, rather than downloading all the scenes you want to view (which is still the way to get the best visual quality), you can just enter the ‘Virtual Theater’ mode, which allows you to easily watch and select clips without removing your headset just by using gaze detection (ie. looking at the thumbnail of the clip you want to start.)

You can also use it to navigate around other aspects of viewing and playback, and it all launches inside a browser, meaning nothing extra to install or download. The feature is still in beta for now, but it’s a really interesting differentiating feature that makes it easy to keep your headset on and watching your way through the catalog.

BaDoinkVR Review: Features

BadoinkVR is a super-simple service that offers videos compatible with Oculus Rift (3840×1920@60fps), Gear VR (2880×1440@60fps) or any other smartphone (1920×960@60fps).

The ‘any smartphone’ download options also include a 30fps version too, which results in a smaller file size.

Overall, it’s a difference of about 1GB on a clip of around 30 minutes, so it’ll make a significant difference if you plan on keeping a few on your phone at once.

We tested with a Gear VR and a generic Cardboard-like viewer, putting the overall quality somewhere in the middle of what’s available – but not the luxury of a high-end setup.

The maximum 7K resolution depends on which headset you’re using to watch the videos with – a Quest 2 is always a good option, if your budget can stretch to it.

BaDoinkVR Review: Pricing

Pricing for BadoinkVR, like many of its rivals, comes with an introductory offer, which varies depending on how long you want your membership to run.

One month is a little below $25 (normally about $29) and a year works out to just under $95 – all the plans currently include free Cardboard-style VR goggles. That means it works out a little more expensive than rivals like VirtualRealPorn or WankzVR if you do decide you want a rolling monthly subscription. It’s more competitive on pricing for longer periods though.

If you’re interested in cosplay, it has a VR porn cosplay sister-site VRCosplayX, though it requires a separate subscription.

BaDoinkVR: Review Score

8.8Expert Score
Best for people watching on smartphone VR headset

BaDoink VR is one hell of a site, with a great value subscription bringing access to hundreds of virtual videos and two new scenes added each week. As a bonus, you also get one new scene from one of BaDoink’s network sites each week too.

BaDoinkVR’s Virtual Theater option is an excellent option for people wanting simple headset compatibility and viewing , as it means you don’t have to keep chopping and changing to switch scenes if you’re watching on a phone and don’t have any sort of controller. For anyone watching on a higher-end headset, the VRBangers app offers a better overall streaming experience. Of course, for the best viewing quality and most immersive experience, you’ll want to download the scenes to watch them anyway.

Throw in that you also get access to BaDoinkVIP’s catalog of non-VR porn too and it’s well-deserving of its spot hovering near the top of this list for the past 6 years.

Ease of Use
  • Virtual Theater mode is particularly good for smartphone headsets
  • Includes non-VR scenes on BaDoinkVIP
  • Unlimited streaming and downloads
  • 3 new scenes per week
  • Easy to find and filter scenes in particular niche
  • No teledildonics
badoinkvr on white
Scenes: 722+
Performers: 496+
Weekly Updates: 12
Max Resolution: 7K
Angle(s):  180
Includes Non-VR (2D) Porn:
1 Month: $ 19.95
12 Months: $ 179.9
Lifetime: $ 299
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BaDoinkVR Review: Overall

BadoinkVR is one of our clear favorite VR sites right now, and definitely in the top three. With a wide range of clips, support for lots of different device types and regular updates, it’s almost a no-brainer if you want a regular go-to VR porn subscription.

And it’s definitely a no-brainer if you want the entirely hassle-free experience offered by the new ‘virtual theater’ mode – the quality isn’t perfect just yet, but it’s convenient and sure to improve as the feature leaves beta.

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