When I pay for something, I want to know what I’m getting into. Unfortunately, online subscriptions are rarely the most clear (a change in clarity around what’s included and a downsizing led to the downgrading of Naughty America VR in our ratings). You might be investing in limited access to a small number of videos, or being granted a veritable treasure trove of content.

The uncertainty is the killer, and that’s why I have to praise a site like DDFNetworkVR for letting you know exactly what you’re getting up front. Everything is as clearly laid out as possible, and you’ll know in advance exactly what you’re getting for your money.

And the value seems worthwhile on the surface, but dig a bit deeper and not everything is perfect. It’s a site that does so much right, and has clearly gotten better over time – but the missteps of the past are present. Read on for a full DDFNetworkVR review.


DDFNetworkVR Review: Rating

DDFNetworkVR at a Glance

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DDFNetworkVR Review $8.33+


DDFNetworkVR has a few missteps in its older videos, but the service’s timely delivery of new content at an incredibly high quality warrants a look even if you’re already subscribed to another service. The ability to fully view the videos with either a headset or in a traditional browser with a 360-degree video is another bonus.

  • Ease of Use
  • Catalog Size
  • VR Quality
  • Extras
  • Value


  • Stream & Download
  • Incredibly Simple Design
  • Newer Videos Are High Quality
  • At Least One New Video Each Week


  • Older Videos Are Of Lower Quality
  • No Teledildonics
User Review
3.5 (6 votes)

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The site feels minimalist in comparison to some of the other VR sites we’ve looked at. You are immediately presented with a thumbnail grid of available videos, and a few links with pricing, headset support, and a list of its stars.

It couldn’t be more simple. There’s a dropdown box filled with categories for you to browse, and other than that, all of the content is right in front of you – and very clear. You can immediately see that it’s a library of 89 videos, featuring a wide variety of actresses…and all without logging in so far.

But by the time you read this, it will be more than 89. At least one new video is added weekly, giving you more reasons to stay subscribed, as opposed to having a short subscription and mass downloading the VR videos you want. That’s also an option though, of course.

The list of performers is also notable, and something other porn sites generally tend to offer – if they don’t, they should. Many of the performers have only appeared in a single video, which is nice if you enjoy the novelty of variety.

You can even see a short sample of each and every video if you’re not logged in. And if you are logged in on a PC, you’ll be able to watch the entire video in a 360 mode, allowing you to scroll around the scene. This means even if you don’t want to grab your headset, you’ll still be able to enjoy everything you’ve paid for whenever you want.

If there’s a quibble to made with the site design, it’s that some of the categories in the dropdown box (for example, “cosplay”) bring up no content, somewhat begging the question of why the options are there, cluttering the list. Fingers crossed the regular updates mean this content will be added in the future and perhaps reveals some of the intent of future scenes.


  • Headsets Supported: [rwmb_meta meta_key=”vr_site_headsets”]

The site is simple, but does everything you need it to. The simplicity allows browsing from even a Gear VR – with or without the Gear VR Controller – a pleasant, frustration-free experience. As mentioned, being logged in on PC in a traditional browser allows you to view videos in a 360-degree mode, and in a VR browser, you’ll be able to stream the full VR video in 4K.

Even on the best of internet connections though, streaming 4K video was a bit of a struggle. But if you really want to view your pornography in the highest possible quality, without compression of streaming lag, you can download the full files in a variety of sizes and qualities.

If you are downloading direct to a limited phone memory or a PlayStation 4, the smaller sizes are a blessing, though PC users can feel confident in getting the full-fat versions.

But there is a problem, and sadly it’s with the videos themselves. The producers working at DDFNetworkVR have clearly improved over time, but older videos are frankly disappointing. When viewed in browser there’s a decent amount of ghosting and blurred images in the videos, and even when downloaded and played with the Samsung VR Video app, older videos didn’t emulate the VR effect properly, made even clearer when actors are several meters away from the camera.

To add to what must be some simple mistakes in the video editing process, older videos also break some of the established rules of VR video. For example, moving the camera happens frequently, and the camera zooms into body parts, pans to look up at people from awkward angles.

Even experienced VR users will be made to feel uncomfortable when the camera suddenly moves from its position. When showing performers at these awkward angles, it gives the appearance of giant body parts being pushed up against the screen, which isn’t really a good look.

In another video where a policewoman is dealing with two other ladies, they are put in a cell, at which point the camera is picked up and we peek at them from behind the bars. This instance was particularly egregious, as what happens is a single cell bar would almost always be at the centre of one of your eyes. A close up, in-the-way, incredibly detailed prison cell bar.

These issues only appear in older DDFNetworkVR content though – from all of the scenes I viewed from the last year, none of these issues arose. You just might want to keep in mind that some of the older videos might not be up the quality you might expect.


Pricing on DDFNetworkVR seems very reasonable, frankly. With a “Special Offer Discount” that was available, a 30 day membership is available for $19.95, equating to $0.66c a day. Not bad at all, and you might want to consider a longer membership, since new videos are added weekly. If the novelty of seeing a new VR girl every week interests you, it’s definitely better value.

  • 1 month for $19.95
  • 3 months for $49.95 ($16.65 each month)
  • 12 months for $99.95 ($8.33 each month)


I can’t help but be positive about the vast majority of my experience with DDFNetworkVR. When it works, it works great, with some fantastic content and a wonderful user experience on the site. It’s so simple to look for a performer you like, or just browse through thumbnails.

But then there’s that drawback – that many older videos just aren’t up to the quality of more recent ones. Nonetheless, even with that, there’s hours upon hours of high quality content at your fingertips here, either to stream or download, and if you subscribe you’ll get a new video every week, meaning you won’t even have to think about some of the slightly disappointing older videos.

DDFNetworkVR is a breeze to use and you get exactly what you pay for, with plenty of opportunity to look at the site and preview its content before you invest. A great service that we hope will only continue to get better.

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