Holodexxx lets you interact with an AI version of your favorite porn stars in VR

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Whilst we’ve heard much about sex robots, and more specifically the ethical conundrums they could create, there is an alternative option for people seeking a digital sex partner – virtual reality

Although VR sex is nothing new – after all, most emerging markets start their expansion with porn – Holodexxx takes virtual sex to a whole new level, offering the chance to interact with some of the adult  industry’s biggest names in a totally personalized experience. 

Holodexxx works by combining motion capture images of stars including Reily Reid and Tori Black with AI chatbot technology, offering you an up-close-and-personal with your model, as you’ve seen and fantasized about them on screen, but without bursting the bubble by meeting them in real life. 

All content has been created in 6DOF (in other words, you’ve got complete freedom to move your body to whatever location and position you like) – all the filming has been done in full 360-degree surround. 

As for that ever present ethical question, Holodexxx has a pretty straightforward response: “Holodexxx will treat virtual humans with the same level of respect as their human counterparts.”

This is just the fact that Holodexxx is extremely transparent – it actively encourages ideas from users on how to develop the platform, and a quick peruse of its blog gives you a look behind the velvet rope at the creative process – both the good, and the challenges involved. For example, a recent post explained how the company has customized its own Steadicam rig, specifically for filming VR. 

If you’ve got a VR headset (the company recommends an HTC Vive, but others will work too) and an open mind, you can try these early experiences for as little as a dollar a month donation on Patreon. Other membership tiers range from $5 – $75 per month and come with varying degrees of extra features, early access, a direct line to the designers with your suggestions and even the odd bit of swag.

It’s also worth knowing that in some cases, your model gains more carnal skills if you’re on the right donation plan.

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