Naughty America VR review: Great value if you want more than just VR

Naughty America is one of the more high-profile studios to embrace VR, and it did so pretty early on, having offered VR porn for over a year now. But it’s no longer a limited market, and there are lots of different VR porn sites to subscribe to. Check out our Naughty America VR review to see if it’s worth your hard-earned dollars.


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Naughty America VR review: Design and user experience

Naughty America isn’t really like any of the other VR porn sites we’ve reviewed so far, in that all the memberships that include access to VR content also include access to a whole load of other non-VR sites. For this review, we’re only looking at the VR aspects.

That means that Naughty America has fewer titles available than some VR-only sites, but it still manages to offer around 100 VR clips at around 20 minutes each, correct at the time of writing. Slightly confusingly, one of the categories within the Naughty America VR site is VR, which means that other titles there could be non-VR titles that have been adapted to work in VR. For the most part, the content is all custom made and high quality.

The site interface doesn’t have quite the same ease of use as something like BadoinkVR, but there’s an impressive array of tags and categories that make sorting through the catalog a whole lot easier. It’s split into ‘category’, ‘who’ and ‘where’, and all videos can be used on Cardboard, Galaxy Gear, HTC Vive or Oculus Rift headsets, as well as more generic Cardboard-like headsets.

Naughty America VR review

Clicking on an individual title will take you to the info page about that video, but you’ll need to look closely at the thumbnail title image to see info like how many degrees it was filmed in (180/360), best position for watching, frame rate and other specific features of that clip. It also appears that some videos don’t show this info on their title image.

What would be better is if this information was standardized and included on the video info page, rather than being a part of a thumbnail image. Nonetheless, it’s useful info to have, and it’s mostly there if you know where to look.

Naughty America VR review: Pricing

As Naughty America VR is a small part of a much larger site and set of services, the subscription options also include access to other sites. That’ll either make you happy as it offers better value for your subscription and gives you access to VR and non-VR porn, or it’ll be annoying as it makes it a little more expensive than signing up for a VR-only site.

The 3-day trial option offers access to selected 4K and HD scenes, but only one VR scene, and costs just $1.95.

A 7-day trial offers the same level of access, but extends it to a week for a total of $4.95.

Bumping that up to a monthly membership is where the full range of access comes in. This includes unlimited downloads and access to 47 different sites, as well as the ability to stream via mobile or Roku devices.  One month costs $24.95, but if you’re willing to make that a yearly commitment the price comes down to just $5.95. This is billed in a single payment of $71.40.

The best value bundle for anyone wanting VR content specifically could be the ‘Fantasy’ membership, which includes the same unlimited downloads and access to 47 different Naughty America sites, but also throws in access to another additional 8 partner sites, including Real Teens VR. This costs $19.95 per month but is billed in a single payment of $239.40.

Naughty America VR review: Is it worth it?

 With the range of content and different membership options available, Naughty America VR has a solid offering, with the only thing going against it being the ongoing monthly plan of $24.95, which works out a little more expensive than some of its rivals. However, with many of the memberships above that level offering significantly better value for money and access to up to 55 more sites, it’s undeniably good value if you’re willing to make that jump.

There’s a good range of performers and niches catered for already, and that’s set to grow as the catalog continues to increase in size, thus offering even better value.

Naughty America VR review
User Experience (filters, etc.)77
Content Variety82
Update Frequency70
Reader Rating3 Votes47
Great all-rounder
Score only reflects access to VR content
If you want one subscription with wide-ranging access, this is it. However, the VR section doesn't get updated as regularly as some rivals, and it could work out more expensive if you pay monthly. Otherwise, it's a smart option.

This article contains affiliate links that help us to earn a small amount of money if you decide to subscribe. These incentives do not influence our reviews – please feel free to get in touch if you have questions.

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