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Naughty America VR review: A VR porn site with a little bit of everything for first-timers



Naughty America VR review: A VR porn site with a little bit of everything for first-timers
Naughty America VR review: A VR porn site with a little bit of everything for first-timers
Naughty America VR review: A VR porn site with a little bit of everything for first-timers
Unlimited streaming and downloads
10,000+ Non-VR scenes included
Lots of BGGG group scenes

We’ve had a bit of an off-and-on with Naughty America VR over the years, initially finding it good value, before it changed the way it packaged its VR subscription for users. This change, thankfully, turned out to be temporary, and Naughty America VR has returned to being a more transparent subscription option that’ll appeal to a lot of viewers.

Some four years or so after its initial launch, however, there are an awful lot more competitors in the increasingly active VR marketplace – and while few of them have the name recognition factor of Naughty America’s brand (the name has been around since 2004, but the company formed in 2001, as SoCal Cash), a lot of them are focused on high-quality productions and a value offering.

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Naughty America VR: Review Score

8.6Expert Score
Excellent VR site that also includes 15,000+ 2D porn scenes

Very few business are perfect, but Naughty America should get a few extra points in the customer service department, because it’s great at taking on-board member’s feedback — and that’s all you can ask for really.

At the moment, an average of 12-16 scenes are added every month, often featuring up to 4 performers. A subscription (not the trial) also includes unlimited access to regular porn scenes, plus augmented reality strippers and models (this no longer seems to be included).

There are even a dozen or so non-VR interactive scenes available too. It’s for this reason that it makes for a great first VR site, or for someone that wants a bit of everything.

NaughtyAmerica VR is particularly good for group scenes, and movies involving more than one female performer.

Ease of Use
  • Excellent Virtual Theater is very convenient
  • Unlimited streaming and downloads
  • 10,000+ Non-VR scenes included
  • Lots of BGGG group scenes
  • 8K maximum resolution
  • Downloads can be a bit slower than some other sites sometimes
  • No longer includes augmented reality
Weekly Updates:
Max Resolution:
Includes Non-VR (2D) Porn:
1 Month: $
12 Months: $
Gift Cards  
Interactive Toys 
Great 1-Year Bundle Offer Available
Naughty America VR - 3-Day Trial
Naughty America VR - 1 Month
-66% Naughty America VR - 1 Year
$119.40 $359.40
Naughty America VR - 1 Year + 5 Bonus Sites
Last update was on: July 3, 2024 3:36 pm

That makes Naughty America VR’s job an awful lot harder than at the time of the original review in 2016, or the subsequent one in 2018, so how does it measure up to competitors like VRBangers, WankzVR, VirtualTaboo and a host more sites in 2022?

This review was carried out using an Oculus Quest headset, using streaming and downloaded scenes.

Naughty America VR: FAQ

  • Who owns Naughty America VR? La Touraine, Inc. owns all Naughty America branded properties, as well as a number of non-Naughty America branded ones, such as Tonights Girlfriend, My Girlfriend’s Busty Friend, My Girlfriend Loves Anal, Dirty Wives Club and many more. 
  • When did Naughty America VR launch? , but the company has been around (under a different name) since 2001. 
  • Does Naughty America VR support mixed reality (MR)? Not explicitly, but it has 2D, VR and AR options included with most subscriptions. 
  • How do I cancel a Naughty America/La Touraine, Inc. subscription? Subscriptions can be cancelled by visiting the La Touraine, Inc. help desk. Once there, you’ll need to enter your Naughty America username and password and follow the cancellation instructions. 
  • Are there any pre-selected checkboxes during the signup process? Yes, in our test, a trial for Tonights Girlfriend was pre-selected. Deselect/untick the box if you don’t want access to the pre-selected site. 
  • Does a trial provide full access to Naughty America? No, a trial currently provides three days’ access, but only to around 15 scenes – only 2 of which are VR. Monthly or annual plans provide access to all scenes on the site – Tonight’s Girlfriend isn’t included in the packages still though. 

Naughty America VR Review: Design and Content

Naughty America VR’s site design – while functional enough – doesn’t come with the ‘bells and whistles’ of some of the newer VR porn sites, so finding your chosen VR scene can take a bit of browsing around, as there are only the basic filters to further break down the selection of virtual reality porn scenes on the site: recommended, most popular, most recent, most favorited, etc.

This is a bit of a shame, as at current count, there are over 700, which isn’t too shabby at all. There are around 500 VR performers, last time we updated the count. When looking at an individual scene, you can also navigate by clicking the performer name, or any of the tags listed on the page. However, this returns scenes across the whole catalog, not just virtual reality porn.

Sure, 700-ish isn’t as many VR porn scenes as some of the other aggregator sites that bring together VR scenes from different studios, and it’s also not as many of some of the largest single-site subscriptions, but there’s still more than enough high-quality scenes to keep most people interested for a long time. And if you do get bored of VR, there’s over 10,000 non-VR/2D full-length porn scenes included with most of the subscriptions via the main site. 

In fact, provided you sign up for a plan that includes the access to ‘regular’ porn, it’s all accessed through the same portal – you just select the VR category when you want to watch VR scenes. It’d be better though, if there were more advanced search options that included a tick box for filtering VR alongside other criteria. 

Other than browsing through the list of scenes, you can browse through a list of performers – or jump straight to any porn star favorites. Once you’ve found scenes you want to watch, the easiest way to keep them all in one place is to add them to your ‘favorites’ list.

Max resolution currently peaks at 6K (4096 x 2048 pixels) for newer scenes, and there are a range of different qualities and versions optimized for different VR headsets. While this doesn’t compare ‘on paper’ against 7K or 8K rival studios (we’re looking at you VirtualTaboo, and VRBangers), it’s not going to be a hugely noticeable difference for most people, depending on the headset being used. 

Indeed, in the earlier versions of this review, we noted that in order to get a good experience out of Naughty America VR, you would need to download each scene. Now, however, there’s a far more competent streaming option – I’m not sure if this is purely down to better production of the scenes themselves, or a technical change to the on-site integrated VR player, but either way the quality of streaming scenes seems far improved since way back in 2018.  

The earlier you go back in the Naughty America VR catalog, the less watchable some of the scenes are – this is largely true across all VR porn sites though, and you’ll find most are OK from 2018 onwards. As technology develops, new standards are achieved and earlier content looks increasingly dated as a result. This isn’t unique to any brand.

This is why it’s important to only subscribe directly to VR sites that offer a reassuringly frequent update schedule, which is something Naughty America does well – it has consistently delivered two updates per week for years, and is still doing so. Naughty America VR releases new VR porn scene updates each Monday, and each Friday, with the Friday release normally being what the company calls ‘a banger – typically 3 chicks and a dude.

Many of the recent scenes average between 45 minutes and 75 minutes long, and vary in size between 3GB – 10GB, depending on what quality you choose to download. They’re all 180-degree field-of-view though, so if you’re looking for 360-degree (or any of the other options), you’ll need to look elsewhere. 

Being able to search across 2D and VR scenes in one big catalog, while a bit unwieldy, does have its benefits at times – as long as you don’t really mind which you find.

Naughty America VR Review: Headset Support and Features

As noted above, over the past two years, Naughty America has made a few changes to its production standards (going from 4K to 6K, among other things) and the result is a bunch of VR porn scenes all optimized for different devices, from the new Quest 2 right the way through to a Cardboard headset.

Similarly, there’s no ‘virtual theater’ like BaDoinkVR, and no app to download like SexLikeReal or VRBangers. And while those latter two options do bring more convenience, to install them on a headset like an Oculus GO or Quest does require some side-loading of porn apps, and faffing around. If that sounds like something you’d never want to do, Naughty America’s lack of an app isn’t going to bother you. 

Instead of an app or theater mode, you can simply browse the website with a headset on, and stream the VR porn scenes directly, or choose to download them, which generally delivers a better overall experience – especially if you’re watching on a mobile VR headset, like a Cardboard/Daydream, etc. 

There’s not much need to dwell on the Naughty America’s AR strip club or animation sections (both of which full members get access to) as we’ve got a brief overview in their respective dedicated posts. Nonetheless, in short, the virtual strip club is great, and the augmented reality animations were a bit glitchy and creepy.

There didn’t used to be any PlayStation VR (PSVR) support listed on the site, but this has been replaced by a set of instructions – with one caveat. If you’re downloading, no worries, just go ahead and sideload your scene and play it in Littlstar. If you want to stream from Naughty America VR on the PS4, however, you’ll also need a (paid) subscription to Rad, which possibly isn’t worthwhile financially, unless you have another need for Rad. Still, it’s nice to have the option.

You can find instructions on how to link your Rad account to your Naughty America VR account, if you want to stream on a PS4, next to the download button on each individual scene in the member’s area. The support docs accessible on the front of the site are out of date.

Naughty America VR Review: Pricing

  • $1.95 Trial
  • $29.95 for 1 month – $29.95
  • $95.40 for 1 year ($7.95 p/m)
  • $239.40 for 1 year + 5 extra sites (Tonight’s Girlfriend, Naughty Americans, Amateurs Raw, Randy’s Roadstop, Real Teens VR) – ($19.95 p/m)

As with most other sites, Naughty America VR has a range of subscription options available, including a trial – but the trial isn’t really worth it for VR access, as you only get a couple of scenes.

The monthly option provides access to all Naughty America VR scenes, and future updates for as long as you stay subscribed, but does work out the most expensive way to get access – it does include hologram and AR strippers too though.

The annual option is more expensive up front, but makes a huge difference to the overall monthly cost – bringing it below $100 for a year. After one year, it renews at the monthly price, so be sure to renew manually (or cancel) instead to save a bit more cash.

There’s also a bundle option that provides one year’s access to everything Naughty America has on its main site (2D, VR, AR, animations), plus access to five other different sites.

Naughty America VR Review: Summary

With the range of content and different membership options available, Naughty America VR has a more enticing offering than some other sites, and it’s backed by a big name that’s been delivering updates regularly for years, and that sort of reliability is worth something.

If you’re looking for a pretty mainstream selection of scenes, focused on American ‘big name’ performers, Naughty America has that covered, but it’s particularly good value on the annual subscription because it has so much non-VR porn for those times when you just can’t be bothered to put on your headset. WankzVR and BadoinkVR both also offer access to non-VR content bundled as part of the main subscription, as well as a few others – they aren’t necessarily very actively updated non-VR sections though, whereas Naughty America (non-VR) also gets several updates per week.

There’s no app for integrated viewing without browsing around a website, but the integrated streaming is now good enough quality to provide an enjoyable experience without necessarily having to download the full-quality files.

Overall, it’s a solid subscription option (not the trial, if you want VR access) for anyone that wants ‘a bit of everything’, rather than VR porn scenes in a particular niche, or the absolute highest possible quality 8K files. Purists, may want to look somewhere else as a result, but it’s a great first sub for anyone new to the world of VR porn, that doesn’t require sideloading of any apps on standalone headsets.

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