Naughty America is one of the higher profile VR porn sites available, and it should be, its been available for more than two years already, having embraced VR porn pretty early on. However, with an increasingly crowded market and new VR porn sites launching every day is it still one of the best VR porn sites available today?

Check out our Naughty America VR review below to see if it’s worth your hard-earned dollars, or whether you’d be better off at one of the alternatives, such as BadoinkVR or VirtualRealPorn.

Naughty America VR 

Naughty America VR Review: Rating

At a Glance

  • Update Frequency: 2 Per Week
  • Scenes: 436+
  • Max Resolution: 4K
  • Performers: 300+
  • Price: From $5.95
  • Teledildonic Scenes: No
  • Includes Non-VR: Yes
Naughty America VR $5.95+


Naughty America VR was once one of our favorite sites, offering near ludicrous value for money if what you want is a huge catalog of regular (non-VR) porn alongside a pretty damn impressive + VR scenes, all on one site, and for a single subscription. Now, however, the company has changed its subscription strategy to offering lots of individual VR ‘channels’, and some people report problems knowing what they’re actually signing up for. With so many other options, why bother?

  • Ease of Use
  • Catalog Size
  • VR Quality
  • Extras
  • Value
User Review
2.36 (11 votes)


  • Good Selection of Non-VR Scenes
  • Streaming & Downloads
  • Some Interactive (Non-VR) Scenes


  • Standard Membership Only Includes Rolling Access to Scenes Released That Month
  • Used to Offer Way More VR Scenes As Part of Subscription
  • Not as High Quality as Some Others

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Naughty America VR Review: Design and Experience

Naughty America isn’t really like any of the other VR porn sites we’ve reviewed as all the VR subscription plans also include access to a whole load of other non-VR sites (47 in total) and thousands of regular (up to 4K) porn videos. For this review, we’re only looking closely at the VR aspects, but we’re keeping these (and other) extras in mind when considering the overall pricing, value and additional features offered by the site.

It does mean that Naughty America VR has fewer titles available than some VR-only sites, but it still manages to offer 436+ full length VR scenes of at least 20 minutes each – and ranging up to nearly twice as long as that. It’s regularly updated, so growing quickly too.

As Naughty America VR offers access to regular non-VR titles and interactive porn too, it’s nice to see that everything is now unified under a single site, regardless of where you log in. ie. if you log in to Naughty America VR, what you’re actually logged in to is the main Naughty America site with access to all the different types of videos accessible in one place, with one log in. Neat.

You can either jump straight to the VR section and start downloading, or filter through all the virtual reality scenes by ‘most recent’, ‘top rated’ and your own favorited clips. If you don’t navigate straight to the VR section, you can search across the entire catalog as you would on any porn site, use tags to navigate or find scenes featuring specific performers. If you go for this option, results returned include regular, VR and interactive porn all mixed together. It doesn’t have quite the same ease of use as something like BadoinkVR or VirtualRealPorn, but the ability to search across different formats all at once is appreciated.

New VR scenes are added regularly too, averaging one or two per week. As a nice additional extra, you can also watch any of the VR scenes in 2D too, once you’ve downloaded another (free) app that’s linked when you click the ‘2D’ download option. If you’re a lover of 360-degree VR scenes (I’m not particularly, but you might be) then you’ll want to consider a different option, as Naughty America is all 180-degree.

Naughty America VR Review: Headset Support and Features

  • Headsets Supported:
    • HTC Vive
    • Oculus Rift
    • Samsung Gear VR
    • Cardboard/Generic Headsets
    • PlayStation VR

We’ve already covered that Naughty America offers some great scenes and performers that give other top VR subscriptions a run for their money, but it doesn’t quite match up technically in some ways.

For example, there’s no PlayStationVR (PSVR) support and you don’t get the option of multiple angles (‘voyeur or POV’, as on some other sites), 360-degree scenes. Every VR video you want to watch will need to be downloaded first, which luckily was a quick process (it took us three and a half minutes to download a 2.5GB file on average, but this obviously depends on your own download speed too).

Naughty America VR Review: Pricing

As Naughty America VR is a small part of a much larger network of sites, the subscription options also include access to other sites. That’ll either make you happy as it offers better value for your subscription and gives you access to VR and non-VR porn, or it’ll be annoying as it makes it a little more expensive than signing up for a VR-only site.

The 3-day trial option offers access to selected 4K and HD scenes, but only one VR scene, and costs just $1.95.A 7-day trial offers the same level of access, but extends it to a week for a total of $4.95.

Bumping that up to a monthly membership is where the full range of access comes in. This includes unlimited downloads and access to 47 different sites, as well as the ability to stream via mobile or Roku devices.  One month costs $24.95, but if you’re willing to make that a yearly commitment the price comes down to just $5.95. This is billed in a single payment of $71.40.

The best value bundle for anyone wanting VR content specifically could be the ‘Fantasy’ membership, which includes the same unlimited downloads and access to 47 different Naughty America sites, but also throws in access to another additional 8 partner sites, including Real Teens VR. This costs $19.95 per month but is billed in a single payment of $239.40. This is a big charge up-front, but considering the amount of porn you get access to (including interactive and the ability to watch all the VR scenes in non-VR too) it’s of massive overall value.

NaughtyAmericaVR review

Naughty America VR Review: Summary

With the range of content and different membership options available, Naughty America VR has a solid offering – pretty much in every way, without excelling technically.

WankzVR and BadoinkVR both do better technically, and offer access to non-VR content bundled as part of the main subscription. They don’t quite, however, have the same breadth of offering from different categories and performers in the non-VR sections.

Many of the memberships above the rolling $24.95 per month level offer significantly better value for money and access to up to 55 more sites in total. It’s undeniably good value if you’re willing to make that jump but recent changes to memberships make it very confusing for people to know exactly what they’re signing up for in advance. Plenty of people have reported the same issue on Reddit.

Nonetheless, there’s a good range of performers catered for already, and that’s set to grow as the catalog continues to increase in size, and will thus offer even better value. If you just want VR access, there are better places to look right now. If you want regular porn too, it’s a great option that you shouldn’t skip over for the sheer convenience alone. And convenience is often what you want when you’re searching for porn. Plus, if you go for the bundle offers, you also get access to Real Teens VR, which is a decent VR porn site in its own right.


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