Lovense, the company behind hi-tech sex toys such as the Max/Max 2, Nora, DiamoLush 3Ferri, and Mission, has added a new dual-stimulation device called Quake to its range of interactive toys.

The Quake is a smooth, hypoallergenic silicone toy with two motors, which can be controlled separately via the Lovense Remote App, or used manually via the on-device controls with one of the pre-set seven vibration patterns. Or, alternatively, if you’re more musically-inclined, you can sync it via an equalizer setting in the app. It’s also IPX7 waterproof, and the company says a full charge will provide between one and a half and two hours’ use.

Like almost all of the other recent Lovense toys, the Quake is fully integrated into all the Lovense interactive experiences, whether that’s cams, video sync or two-way device control. For cam performers, it also works with the Lovense ‘Vibe With Me’ and ‘Give Control’ features.

While dual-stimulation sex toys are nothing new, Lovense is hoping that the combination of independent dual motors and a flexible body (a little like the MysteryVibe Crescendo) can help more people achieve perfectly blended orgasms, through simultaneous stimulation of the clitoris and the G-spot.

“Lovense continues to expand the boundaries of the ordinary, introducing new unique
developments to fans and enhancing their experience of pleasure,” says Dan Liu, Lovense’s CEO. “With Quake we are redefining the performance of sex toys, empowering users to express their sexuality on a whole new level.”

Also like many other Lovense toys, the Quake only currently comes in the company’s recognizable pink color and costs the same as the new Lush 3, at $119.

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