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Kiiroo Titan review: A decent balance between experience and convenience

May 16, 2024
September 11, 2018
Kiiroo Titan - Packaging
We like
Relatively Small and Light
Synced with Content Easily
Lots of Different Modes
We dislike
‘Buzzy’ Experience Won’t be for Everyone
Awkward to Clean
Proprietary Charger Cable/Connection

The Kiiroo Titan Interactive may well officially be the company's first own-branded teledildonic for men, but that doesn't make it an entirely new proposition, given that it's a reworked version of the white label product Kiiroo built for Pornhub earlier in the year.

Nonetheless, that's not to say the $149 device it isn't any good, and we never did get around to reviewing the Pornhub-branded version, so we've put together a full Kiiroo Titan review to make amends for that omission.

Kiiroo Titan Review: Design

Some very deliberate decisions have been made around the design of the Kiiroo Titan are pretty obvious from the moment you open the packaging.

Most notably, particularly for anyone that owns a Fleshlight Launch, you'll notice the relatively small size of the overall unit - working out roughly the same length as a Fleshlight, and circular, rather than with the more square-edged design of the Kiiroo Onyx2.

It's also completely black - sleeve included - which is a departure from earlier collaborations with Fleshlight too, and entirely made of a flexible black plastic exterior.

The side of the unit flaps open, which, again, is fairly unique in these devices, to provide access to the removable sleeve, which fits in place by slipping over three prongs that contain a total of nine vibrating motors.

On the bottom of the device, there's a tiny, tiny charging hole with a water-resistant cap covering it, into which you plug the proprietary charger.

On the front, there are three touch-sensitive control buttons, which do different things depending on what mode you are using at the time. Just above this is the power button - a long press switches the unit on and off, while a quick press (when already on) switches between the seven different available modes.

Officially, the Kiiroo Titan measures up at 221mm x 87mm and weight 857g.

Overall, the design is one that in many ways improves upon the alternatives, by reducing the size and weight, but the result is a device that feels less premium and considerably flimsier than the Launch or the Onyx2.

Kiiroo Titan Review: Features

The Titan might be light on weight, but it's not light on different modes to play around with - offering up a total of seven. These are:

Most of that is pretty self-explanatory, but essentially, modes 2 and 3 are manually operated, in that you press the corresponding touch-sensitive control, and when you let go it stops. Modes 4, 5, 6, and 7 are all automatic, and the controls set the speed or intensity (depending on the mode).

On the battery side of things, there's a 1,000mAh battery pack powering it along, which Kiiroo says is good for 40 minutes of use. Given how small that battery is - in both size and capacity - in comparison to a high-end smartphone, it would have been nice to see a slightly more generous battery life, but that would have come with other compromises - likely the overall price.

Oh, and don't be confused by the water-resistant cap on the charger port - the device isn't water resistant or waterproof, so you shouldn't be submerging it for cleaning or use. Instead, the hatch-like opening on the side is used for access to remove the sleeve.

The first time you remove it, it'll take a bit more of an effort to remove than subsequent attempts, but just pull upwards on it to remove it from the three prongs of vibrating motors and it'll slip off.

Kiiroo Titan: Experience

This is really the crucial part for any teledildonic review - is the Kiiroo Titan any good? The answer to that question, however, isn't a simple yes or no answer.

There are a whole load of different modes to try out - and while the synced content still provided a more enjoyable and 'immersive' experience, there's plenty to explore even if you never connect it to your phone. If you want to watch synced content, you'll need the Feel Connect app installed, and to pair your Titan with it before you start.

While I didn't particularly find anything interesting or novel with the automatic mode in comparison to something like the Onyx2 or Launch, a few of the modes do have quite a distinct feel. That said, you'd be forgiven if you can't really tell much difference between the 'targeted power' and 'targeted vibrations' modes.

Whichever mode you go for, what you should expect is a fairly 'buzzy' experience (which shouldn't be a surprise, given there are no moving parts in the Titan) - but again, because the Titan is light and relatively small, you can choose whether to use it stationary, or like a traditional Fleshlight.

However, the combination of having a side-opening flap and a lightweight plastic chassis is that it ends up feeling pretty flimsy on the outside when in use. You'll likely find that the flap presses inwards when in use, depending on how you hold the Titan. It doesn't really affect the overall experience much, other than to add a bit of a rattling sound when at full speed - it's still pretty damn quiet though overall.

First time cleaning is a bit of a mild anxiety-inducing affair, as it took more effort than I was comfortable exerting to pull off the sleeve - no one likes to break a new toy, phone... or anything first time you use it, so I tend to take it a bit easy, but that's not really an option here.

Once you have cleaned it and want to replace it on the Titan, it's best to use a tiny drop of lube squirted into each prong hole. There's probably a better name than prong hole too, but that's what you're getting.

The only other potential minor annoyance is the three hours charging for around 40 minutes of use. The exact amount of time the battery will last depends on which modes, and what speed, the Titan is used at, but around 30-40 minutes is close enough.

Kiiroo Titan Review: Overall

The Kiiroo Titan, as with many devices, is a compromise in some ways. The battery life of 40 minutes isn't going to cut it for all people or situations, and the overall experience itself isn't as highly recommended as that of the Fleshlight Launch.

However, it provides a more varied and more enjoyable experience than the Onyx2, and is much lighter, quieter and more portable than the Launch. At $149 for the Titan on its own (or $154 for the 'Kiiroo Feel Pornstars Titan Experience') it's cheaper than either of those two as well.

The Kiiroo Titan is a compromise, but it's one that's well-balanced between convenience, experience and the final retail price, as long as you enjoy buzzy vibrations.

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A good 'first interactive' toy, if the Keon is too big
kiiroo titan product
The Kiiroo Titan isn’t the absolute best teledildonic available, but it does offer a decent compromise between size, cost, noise and experience. Where the Fleshlight Launch or Kiiroo Keon do blow your socks off with the experience, they're also heavy and very cumbersome in use. By contrast, the Kiiroo Titan is much, much lighter, smaller and discreet – though there’s not a huge amount of difference in noise when in use. The downside, however, is that it doesn’t quite match the overall experience – it just depends where your priorities lay.
Ease of Use
Charging Time:
Battery Life:
Built-in, App
People with a Penis
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Kiiroo Titan review: A decent balance between experience and convenience
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