Lovense Ferri review: App-controlled, sound-responsive, and just a tiny bit too loud


$99.00 $119.00

Lovense Ferri review: App-controlled, sound-responsive, and just a tiny bit too loud
Lovense Ferri review: App-controlled, sound-responsive, and just a tiny bit too loud
Lovense Ferri review: App-controlled, sound-responsive, and just a tiny bit too loud
$99.00 $119.00
Powerful vibrations
Brilliant app functionality
Strong magnetic clip
Smooth, comfortable silicone

It’s been 10 years since Lovense launched its first internet-controlled vibrator. In 2010, the sextech brand, known for its teledildonic innovation, released Remote Pleasure, a vibrator that was able to sync up with Skype and was aimed at couples in long-distance relationships.

Lovense’s latest release is Ferri, a compact, non-insertable clitoral vibrator designed to be placed inside the underwear of people with vulvas. It’s Lovense’s smallest toy yet (and it is really small, at just under 3-inches long), intended for use in public as well as for solo play and foreplay. Priced at $109, is it worth buying?

Lovense Ferri: Design and Functionality

The first thing to note about the Ferri design is its size. At just 2.93-inches long and around 1-inch wide and deep, it can sit in your underwear – as intended – without you really feeling it there. At just 35g, the compact design also means the toy is discreet enough to be truly portable. 

The toy comes in a small box with discreet packaging. Inside the box you’ll find the Ferri vibrator, user manual, quick setup guide, storage bag, extra magnetic cap and USB charging cable.  

It takes 60 minutes to fully charge for 3-3.5 hours of continuous use (the red LED light on the toy will turn off once it is fully charged). Its waterproof rating is IPX7, which means it can be used temporarily submerged in up to one metre of water, so you’re safe to use it in the bath or shower. It’s also made from body-safe silicone, which is always something to check.

The Ferri is currently retailing at $109, but regular discounts mean you can usually purchase for $99 on Lovense’s website. 

Lovense Ferri: In Use

To switch on the Ferri, you hold down the standby button for three seconds.

There are two ways to operate it: one by pressing the standby button on the device, and the other via the Bluetooth-enabled app. To connect to the app, you press the standby button quickly – a short vibration should mean it’s ready to pair.

There are numerous settings and possibilities within the Lovense Remote app, of which we go into in a little bit more detail later. On the device itself, there are several vibration settings, all impressively powerful, which you can cycle through by pressing the pink standby button. 

Solo play

The first thing that came to mind while using Ferri for the first time (after initially charging for a full hour) was its power. While Shakespeare probably wasn’t referring to the power of a clitoral panty vibrator when he wrote “Though she be but little, she is fierce!” in A Midsummer Night’s Dream, he could well have been talking about the Lovense Ferri. 

The power of the vibrations matches the strength of the magnet provided, which secures the toy in your underwear (it’s also worth noting an extra magnet comes as standard in the box, if you misplace the first). The Ferri can be placed inside the gusset of your underwear with the magnet securing it in place on the outer part of your underwear. The strength of the magnet certainly keeps it in place, but it may well take a few attempts to get that position just right. 

If you want to orgasm while using the toy, chances are you’ll be more successful by holding it directly on your clitoris, rather than leaving it in your underwear.

If you do this, the powerful vibrations from the small device will be felt all the way along your arm. For me, this sensation was initially a little strange, but not totally unpleasant or off-putting. This arrangement will also allow you to control the vibrations by pressing the standby button to change the setting, should you not want to control it via the app. 

Couples play

The Lovense Ferri is a really fun toy to incorporate into couple play. This is, largely, what it’s been designed for, and while it’s a perfectly powerful mini clitoral vibrator to use solo, it really shines if you use it during foreplay.

Plus, if you’re considering purchasing the Ferri because you want to experience the thrills of using a remote-controlled toy in public that isn’t insertable, the extra-strong magnets will ensure you ‘keep it in your pants’, so to speak. As always when using any toys in public, you must ensure that no-one could possibly notice your use – consent is vital for all sexual encounters.

However, I would argue that the toy is a little on the loud side for its intended public use, but I suppose this depends on where you choose to use it . While Lovense claims the toy is ‘whisper-quiet’, at just 43 decibels (the average sound level at a library), I wouldn’t recommend using it in the library – a live gig or a club, however, might suit it better. Anywhere you don’t have to worry about decibel levels.

What’s more, the impressive app functionality means the toy’s vibrations can sync in time to external sounds, which could be interesting to use in a club setting. While I couldn’t test the toy out in this way (damn you, 2020!), it would certainly be a fun and discreet toy to try out in these louder public settings, when we’re all allowed to be close again. 

Lovense Ferri: App Features and Functionality

The Lovense Remote app works with all of Lovense’s devices. It’s compatible with iPhone, Android and Mac, and additionally with Windows PC if you have a Lovense USB Bluetooth adapter to connect.

Overall, the app is well-designed and well-received – on the Google Play store, it has an average 4-star rating from more than 4,000 reviews. Apple’s App Store rates its 2.8, but with significantly fewer reviews, at just 128 at the time of writing. 

As the toy is Bluetooth-enabled, you don’t have to set up an account to use the two together in close-range control. If you want to play with the toy in a long-distance setting, it takes only a minute or two to sign up for a Lovense account. 

While I didn’t test the range while reviewing this product, Lovense claims the app and toy can be used at a distance of 20 to 45 feet apart, depending on whether you’re standing or sitting while using the toy. 

There are several innovative functions within the app, from a traditional remote control slider (sliding up increases the vibrations, and vice versa) and that previously-mentioned ability to sync to music. I tested this out with some loud and thrashy heavy metal music, of which the toy disappointedly produced a continuous vibration. I then tried it with a less intense Rod Stewart number, but the same thing happened. 

The Sound feature works better though, increasing and decreasing the vibrations depending on the sound input level from the microphone. You can also set vibrating alarms within the app, which would work well with this toy, as it’s comfortable and secure enough to stay in your underwear while you sleep.

There’s even in-app messaging for long-distance chat and the ability to create your own patterns by tapping on your device’s screen within the app. 

Lovense Ferri: Rating


7.7Expert Score
A multi-talented interactive vibe that is just a little too noisy for public use

The extra-strong magnetic clip means the Ferri is a great toy to use during foreplay or some heavy make-out sessions. It’s small enough that it’s not annoying in your underwear when you’re not using it, and arguably discreet enough for some public play, despite not being the actual quietest vibe available.

The well-designed Lovense Remote app is also good fun to use and adds many possibilities to experiment with while using the toy, particularly with a partner at the helm. 

Overall, the Ferri is a powerful compact vibrator that is easy to use and fun to play with, has local and long-distance control options and regularly costs under $100. On that basis, there’s quite a lot to like, despite it not being perfect.

Ease of Use
  • Powerful vibrations
  • Brilliant app functionality
  • Strong magnetic clip
  • Smooth, comfortable silicone
  • Slightly too loud for some public settings
  • Buzzy when using handheld

Lovense Ferri

$99.00 $119.00
$109.00 at time of review.

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