Since the launch of its first product, the Crescendo, MysteryVibe has released two more sex toys: Tenuto – a wearable penis, balls and perineum vibrator, and Poco, a smart bendable bullet vibrator. The latter of which we’re reviewing here.

While its bendable shape is reminiscent of a finger, Poco offers quite different technology to the micro-robotic “finger-tech” found in the Lora DiCarlo’s Osé and Onda.

Costing $90 (€80 / £69.99), compared to the Crescendo’s $179, MysteryVibe’s Poco could in some ways be considered a mini version of its predecessor, but that would be doing it a bit of a disservice; it is in its own right a uniquely bendable bullet.

Mysteryvibe Poco Review: Quick Summary

MysteryVibe Poco Review


Poco is a smart bendable bullet vibrator with two vibrating motors, and a companion app to design personalized vibration patterns. It costs $90 and can be used solo or with a partner, and scored well thanks to its simplicity and ease of use.

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  • Ease of Use
  • Experience
  • Innovation
  • Value
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  • Easy to use
  • Deep, rumbling sensations
  • Bends to reach the right spots
  • App control, good for local play, techies and people with mobility issues


  • Stiff buttons, not great for people with mobility issues
  • Doesn’t always hold its shape
  • Doesn’t bend enough for simultaneous clitoral and G-spot stimulation
  • Not good for long distance lovers

MysteryVibe Poco: Design & Functionality

Compared to MysteryVibe’s other pleasure products, Poco seems a much simpler design, while staying true to the brand’s tech-savvy take on being body-adaptable. The packaging sings a similar tune of simplicity.

Poco comes in a small white box, no bigger than my hand. Inside the box you’ll find the product, a USB micro cable (the same as the Tenuto, but different to Crescendo’s wireless charging port), and a simple, yet handy, sheet of instructions explaining how to get started and potential ideas for use.

Thanks to Poco’s inner hinged skeleton and flexible silicone, you can bend it at two different points (that’s two fewer than Crescendo) and contains two vibrating motors (that’s four less than Crescendo).

Nevertheless, this mini-Crescendo packs a whopping 16 intensity settings (the same as Crescendo), with eight preset vibration patterns. This can be controlled via the user interface on the “head” of the device, where you find four rubbery buttons. One to turn your Poco on, one for the Bluetooth connection to the app (the same two buttons also act as controls for scrolling through the patterns), and two for controlling the intensity.

It is advised to charge Poco for 45 minutes before use – and says it has a “long battery run time” with no definitive run time stated. I found it lasted for more than a few uses since its full charge and it’s still going. When charging, a red light flashes, and turns green once fully charged.

Even though it has an open charge socket, Poco is thankfully water resistant for fun in the shower, and easy cleaning. As it is made from silicone, I’d recommend using water-based lubricants to avoid damaging the material.

The MysteryVibe app is free to download from the App Store and Google Play, and lets you control Poco from your smartphone or tablet. It also means you can create your own vibration patterns.

Compared to Crescendo, which is 8.5-inch long arm and 3-4 inches wide, Poco’s finger is 5.9-inches long and 1-1.6 inches wide. It also weighs in at just 80 grams – half the weight of the Crescendo.

Due to its bendable structure, Poco can be curved to fit most body shapes and is precisely designed and marketed to be gender-neutral. It can fit snug over the vulva to stimulate the clitoris and outlips, or curled to stimulate the G-spot, and supposedly simultaneously vibrate the clitoris too – more on that in a bit. It can also be used on other erogenous zones, including the nipples, the penis and the balls.

MysteryVibe Poco Review: In Use

Solo play

When I first saw Poco, I wasn’t completely sure how it would match up to the Crescendo, with fewer bends and motors involved. Or if it would overcome the issues of power. Nevertheless, I was pleasantly surprised at its simplicity and strength – it’s easier to use and has less of a learning curve.

The finger curl makes it multi-functional – something I appreciate in a sex toy, and it was able to cup my vulva while externally stimulating my clitoris and outer-lips. In addition to this, the insertable part (about the size of my middle finger) easily penetrated my vagina to massage my G-spot.

What really did it for me though was the vibrations. Staying true to the original tech, MysteryVibe uses motors that offer deep rumbling vibrations – as opposed to light and buzzy sensations. While always a personal preference, I find this important as it stimulates more nerve endings and the entire pelvic floor for a deeper experience and stronger orgasms.

For the most part, Poco kept its shape. However, when I placed more pressure on my G-spot it did unbend – which was frustrating when you finally get a rhythm you like going. Furthermore, I was unable to enjoy the combined vibrations on my clitoris and G-spot as it didn’t bend far enough for my body to sit comfortably on both pleasure points.

The buttons were easy to locate during the experience, but they were quite hard to push – so once I skimmed through the patterns and volume and found a setting I liked, I kept it. I wouldn’t necessarily recommend using the buttons to someone with mobility issues, but there is the app for control too.

Couples play

When I tried out Poco with my partner, we first used it during foreplay. It was a great addition to fingering, giving my partner an extra hand to roam elsewhere.

Thanks to the shape, it felt easy to hold onto over the clitoris during penetrative sex – particularly during missionary and doggy positions, and it fits neatly when you lie flat on your stomach.

Plus, it can be a great tool for stimulating penises. They found the deep rumbling vibrations a great addition curved over their balls during oral sex.

MysteryVibe App

I explored the MysteryVibe App solo at first, and found the connection easy with no hassle. The user interface was navigation friendly.

There are a selection of patterns to choose from, and it was a chance for me to learn more about the 8 preset vibrations already programmed into the toy.

It was also an opportunity to create my own pattern and add it to my playlist. This experience was very similar to the Crescendo, but much simpler than my experience with the Tenuto app. I enjoyed playing around with the app solo, but after giving it a go my partner wasn’t that interested in the tech side of things.

Nevertheless, it was useful as a remote control during sex without the faff of pressing buttons on the device, and likely ideal for people with mobility issues. Additionally, I could see the app being a positive communication tool with your partner – having them play with it and dominate each other. This however, is only for local use, as the app cannot be connected long distances for those in physically distant relationships.

When I was exploring it solo, I found experimenting with the vibrations interesting, and figuring out that I liked the long slower patterns rather than the short, faster ones. However, since that first try, I haven’t opened the app. This isn’t because it was rubbish, I’m simply pleased with the pattern I made. I do feel it will be a rare experience for me to create a new pattern, though it’s nice to have the option if I want to change it up.

MysteryVibe Poco Review: The Verdict

The deep rumbling vibrations were a great asset, and the bendable feature was simple yet effective for stimulating various erogenous zones. Unfortunately it lacked the ability to vibrate both the G-spot and clitoris simultaneously as I’d have liked (an issue I found with the Crescendo too), and it lacked the sturdiness to hold its shape when too much pressure was placed.

Overall, I found the MysteryVibe’s Poco a pleasure to use for its simplicity and strength.

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