OhMiBod Fuse review: A rabbit-style smart vibrator that’s great, but not perfect


$111.00 $129.00

OhMiBod Fuse review: A rabbit-style smart vibrator that’s great, but not perfect
OhMiBod Fuse review: A rabbit-style smart vibrator that’s great, but not perfect
OhMiBod Fuse review: A rabbit-style smart vibrator that’s great, but not perfect
$111.00 $129.00
Looks & Feels Great Good
Totally Body-safe
Variety of Vibration Patterns

The OhMiBod Fuse is the fruit of a union between two fairly well-established companies: Kiiroo, a Dutch teledildonics brand launched in 2013 with its interactive devices Svir and OPue, and OhMiBod, a US sex toy company which set up shop in 2006 and debuted with its Ipod vibrator, a device with an audio-enabled tech that allowed the ‘massager’ to vibrate to the beat of your music.

In 2017, both brands joined forces to collaborate on Fuse, a dual-stim interactive vibrator that’s Bluetooth-enabled, touch-sensitive, and bi-directional, allowing for enhanced connectivity between partners. It’s the perfect partner to the Fleshlight Launch, another collaboration with Kiiroo also unveiled in 2017.


Ohmibod Fuse: Rating

8.4Expert Score
A great experience and range of interactive features for the price

The OhMiBod Fuse isn’t the cheapest smart sex toy around, but at $129 it’s certainly not expensive either.
With a great range of features and experience, it’s only missing full waterproofing, which would make cleaning a little easier. It’s worth considering in any smart vibrator shortlist though

Ease of Use
Feature Set
We Like
  • Looks &amp
  • Feels Great Good
  • Totally Body-safe
  • Variety of Vibration Patterns
We Dislike
  • Battery Life Could Be Better
  • Slightly Noisy
$111.00 $129.00
Black, Pink
Black, Pink
Built-in, App
Built-in, App
Splashproof / Water-resistant

OhMiBod Fuse Review: Design

The packaging is sleek and elegant, with some product information printed on the box and the enclosed leaflet in seven languages:  English, French, German, Spanish, Russian, Chinese and Japanese. The device is nestled within a snug, luxe foam interior (as befits its $129 retail price), and is accompanied by an instruction manual, charging cable, and satin drawstring bag.

Fuse is compatible with all existing and future Bluetooth-enabled interactive devices by Kiiroo, and aside from being used with a partnered device, it can be used solo, via webcam, or even synchronised with encoded 2D or VR content, giving users a variety of options; more bang for one’s buck, so to speak.

The rabbit-style vibe is fairly petite compared with similar products on the market, being 7.1-inches (180mm) in length and 1.3-inches (34mm) in diameter,  with a weight of only 131g (4.6 oz). Fuse is rechargeable and comes with a USB charger, for use either via a wall charger or a computer. The charging display is in the form of a large round LED at the base of the device which blinks red when battery is low, white while charging, and changes to a static white light when fully charged, which takes around 2 hours.

Fuse is quite aesthetically pleasing, it’s ergonomically designed and crafted from body-safe, matte silicone and PU coated ABS, giving it a tastefully modern black and silver appearance. It’s not overtly phallic either, the widest part of the curved shaft is the head, it tapers towards the handle and there is a noticeable ridge down the length to allow for enhanced G-spot stimulation. There is a single button to operate it, located on the handle.

The clitoral stimulator is around 2-inches long and is far more flexible than a lot of other dual-stim items I’ve experienced, presumably to allow for more variety in anatomical differences. I wasn’t sure at first whether it wouldn’t be a little too flexible to allow for adequate stimulation but I  was pleased to discover that this wasn’t the case at all.

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OhMiBod Fuse Review: In Use

There are three modes of operation for the Fuse: Bluetooth, touch-sensitive and manual. It’s powered-on by a button press of 2-3 seconds, and launches automatically into the Bluetooth mode, indicated by the LED flashing dark blue. To use the Bluetooth mode it’s necessary to download the FeelConnect app (Android / iOS) and follow the on-screen instructions to pair devices, this is also necessary to use Fuse with 2D content.

To use VR content, you need to download the FeelVR app, then log in to feelme.com to add websites and select content. There are detailed instructions at ohmibod.com/interactive which explain how to interact with Fleshlight Launch.

A second press takes Fuse to touch-sensitive mode, indicated by a paler blue light. This mode impressed me the most, as the vibration strength increases in both the shaft and the clitoral stimulator. A third press engages manual mode which has the same pale blue light. Once in manual mode, one can then cycle through the seven pre-set vibration patterns. There’s a decent variety here and there’s sure to be something to suit almost every taste (if you’re a fan of patterns in general).

In use I found the vibe wasn’t the quietest. It wasn’t terribly noisy by any means, but if you have thin walls, or discretion is required, it would need to be kept in mind. The silicone is luxurious enough to be drag-free, and surprisingly wasn’t a complete lint-magnet as such items often are – often the smoother an item is, the more dust it can attract and I was pleased to find this wasn’t the case.

Indeed the material is so smooth that I found additional lubrication could be kept to a minimum. As Fuse is made from silicone it is best to use water-based only. The vibrations are powerful and can be described as more rumbly than buzzy and I found the shape of the shaft to be very conducive to G-spot stimulation.

OhMiBod Fuse Review: Recommended?

It’s certainly a high-end toy and as befits it’s price tag, and has a good amount of functionality to delight those of a technical bent – the VR and remote capabilities alone are impressive. I’d say the only potential downsides would be the noise factor (unless discretion isn’t paramount), and cleaning; Fuse is only splashproof and due to the charging socket, cannot be fully submerged in water (unlike something like the MysteryVibe Crescendo).

I might be a little picky here, but perhaps battery life could be longer, I got around 60 minutes use from a charge but a lot of products on the market offer a little more staying power, however the standby time of 90 days is excellent and brings the convenience of spontaneity.

To use any of the remote or interactive features, you’ll need a solid Wi-Fi signal, so do bear this in mind if purchasing and you often find yourself struggling for connectivity. On balance though, I would definitely recommend the OhMiBod Fuse.

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