Real Teens VR review: High quality VR scenes at just 60c each

Real Teens VR review

A niche VR porn site is a different proposition to a general access option like BadoinkVR or Sex Like Real – you get more of exactly what you want, but you get less content overall, but that doesn’t always mean they’re poor value.

Check out our Real Teens VR review to see if it can stand up to its more direct competition, like 18VR, and then see how it stacks up against the competition in our VR roundup or check out our VR porn helper bot ASH instead.

Real Teens VR Review: Rating

Real Teens VR
Ease of Use84
Catalog Size76
Performer Variety71
Update Frequency71
VR Quality88
Reader Rating2 Votes82
Great performers
Good size catalog for niche site
Great value
Bundle deals available
Fast downloads
All straight boy-girl scenes
No streaming
No teledildonics
No PS4 support
Well worth a look
While Real Teens VR can't offer the same amount of content as more general VR porn sites, that brings with it a benefit - you can subscribe for just one month and download all 50+ videos for less than $30, which makes it great value, particularly if you go for the combo deal with Naughty America VR too.
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Real Teens VR Review: Design and Content

The overall design of the Real Teens VR site itself can be described as functional, but fully mobile compliant, which is useful given that many subscribers will be watching on a mobile headset rather than a Vive or Oculus.

If the Real Teens VR catalog was slightly bigger, it’d be pretty annoying that there are no filtering features, but with a niche site you know what you’re getting without the need to filter through videos you’re not interested in watching.

Upon logging in, you can scroll through four pages of videos (currently around 50 in total at the time of writing) and choose your favorite performer or just whichever scene looks best to you – they all exclusively feature 18 and 19-year-olds, so there’s no surprises there given the site’s name and aim.

Most, if not all, of the videos feature beautiful, young girls in straight m/f scenes – there aren’t any multi-performer girl/girl (or any other) scenes that we saw while testing the service. They tended to be between 30 and 40 minutes long each.

Thankfully, the quality of the scenes didn’t pose any problems either, without any significant shaking or drifting, even though Real Teens VR doesn’t offer the same range of features as some of the alternatives (more on that below).

If you want 180-degree VR porn scenes with binaural sound to watch on your phone, you won’t have any complaints. In my testing (on an S8+ in both Daydream and non-Daydream views), I found that videos looked crisper using VAR’s VRPlayer Pro than using FulldiveVR, which many people use by default. If you’re set on using it in Daydream View, you won’t have as many choices though.

I tested the high quality mobile download format, which were between 2GB and 3GB in size each. Lower quality, smaller files, are also available.

Real Teens VR Review: Features

Real Teens VR is owned by Naughty America, which means it’s part of a huge network of adult sites with a very recognisable name behind it. It also means that it’s not the most technically-advanced of the VR sites on offer.

In reality, this isn’t going to be much of a problem for most people, but there’s no explicit support for PlayStation VR (PSVR). Gear, Vive, Oculus, Cardboard and other smartphones are supported though. All the scenes are 180-degrees, and there’s no support for teledildonic devices.

Real Teens VR review

Again, unless you’re the combo of a Fleshlight Launch (or Kiiroo) owner that also uses PSVR, then you’re probably going to be OK with the range of technology supported today. I imagine support for these additional features will continue to be added over time, but there’s no suggestion from the company that this will happen anytime soon.

As mentioned previously, there aren’t many features on offer on the site itself either – no filters, tags or ability to rate the videos you’ve watched, but as there are only 50 or so at the moment, that’s really not a problem.

The upside of this paucity of features is that the site is super-simple to use and you can just jump straight into the content – the ability to stream as well as download is definitely needed in the future though.

Real Teens VR Review: Pricing

Real Teens VR could easily be just another VR porn site, albeit one that’s focused just on teen content. However, for a niche VR site 50+ videos is a solid showing.

To download the whole VR porn catalog costs $29.95, and if you want to add on 30 days access to Naughty America there’s a plan that costs just $34.95 instead.

Real Teens VR review

Whichever option you go for, each VR porn video is costing you between 60 and 70 cents to download and keep.

Real Teens VR Review: Overall

On one hand, Real Teens VR is lacking. If you want a ‘best viewed’ indicator, tags, community features or PS4 support, then you’ll have to look elsewhere. Oh, and streaming too – that’s the biggest omission for me.

Real Teens VR review

While that might make it seem a bit unappealing, it’s quite the opposite – we quickly got to the action, all the performers are stunning (if not very diverse) and the quality of the scenes was high, and at about 60 cents per scene (if you cancel after one month), it’s a whole lot cheaper than downloading them individually from sites that allow individual download purchases.

Real Teens VR is not the most advanced VR porn site available, but it is the best that we’ve tested dedicated to 18+ teen VR porn.

Real Teens VR Review: Comparison

BadoinkVR just about tops the list of our review scores for VR porn sites, but its rivals are pretty close behind!Recent updates deliver better usability, and new content is added regularly. Subscribing on a longer basis offers better value for money than a monthly deal too, and it has something others can't offer in the virtual theater option. On top of all that, memberships also now include access to BadoinkVIP and its catalog of 100,000+ non-VR clips. Read full review
Excellent catalog and virtual theater option
With great filters, regular updates, a whole bunch of content and good value introductory offers to let you test the service out, it's hard to ignore VirtualRealPorn among a growing number of VR porn sites. It also has great three-month pricing offers and support for teledildonics devices.Read full review
Biggest catalog!
Naughty America VR
Naughty America VR
If you want one subscription with wide-ranging access, this is it. You get access to thousands of non-VR porn videos, 170+ VR scenes and even a dozen of interactive porn scenes that work with teledildonics. It's only let down by no streaming for VR scenes, meaning you have to download but it's not a deal-breaker. Otherwise, it's a smart all-rounder choice.Read full review
Great all-rounder
VRCosplayX makes a lot more sense on an annual subscription than a monthly one, and on that basis, it's well worth considering. Its score is hurt mostly by its relatively small, but fast-growing, collection of clips. There's good variety between the scenes, but right now there's still just 30. Read full review
No-brainer for cosplay fans
18VR does one thing really well, but it can't offer the range of content available at most other VR porn sites, even niche ones. It's one we intend to revisit in the future. Read full review
One to watch
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