StasyQ VR review: A refreshing adult VR experience

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StasyQ VR review: A refreshing adult VR experience
StasyQ VR review: A refreshing adult VR experience
StasyQ VR review: A refreshing adult VR experience
Fairly unique experience
Fast unlimited downloads & streaming
Great value on annual basis

If you’ve been looking for a comprehensive StasyQ VR review, you’ve come to the right place, and knowing the details is more important for StasyQ VR than most other adult VR sites, as it has a slightly different proposition.

Notably, instead of focusing on hardcore explicit porn, it offers more artistic, erotic striptease scenes instead that tend to be a bit shorter in length.

As a result of the performer choice and high production values, the overall experience is one that feels pretty unique – with the most similar feeling scenes found on BabeVR. Check out the rest of the StasyQ VR review details below.


StasyQ VR: Rating

May 2017
7.7Expert Score
It's called the 'Playboy' of VR porn for a good reason

On paper, StasyQ VR doesn’t appear to necessarily stack up that well. It doesn’t have the highest resolution scenes available, at only 4K max, (VRBangers tends to be at the forefront there, currently with 8K scenes), they’re all under 15 minutes long, and there are only 244 at las count.

That summary, however, really doesn’t do the site justice. What it brings to the VR porn market is a less hardcore, more sensual and erotic experience with reliably stunning performers. That it manages to do this, and deliver weekly updates, for less than $15 per month is pretty damn impressive.

Ease of Use
  • Fairly unique experience
  • Fast unlimited downloads &amp
  • streaming
  • Great value on annual basis
  • Relatively few scenes

StasyQVR - 1 Month

Recurring / Unlimited downloads and streaming / Up to 4K

StasyQVR - 3 Months

Recurring / Unlimited downloads and streaming / Up to 4K
$34.99 $44.97

StasyQVR - 1 Year

Recurring / Unlimited downloads and streaming / Up to 4K
$74.98 $179.88

StasyQVR - Lifetime

Non-recurring / Unlimited downloads and streaming / Up to 4K
Last update was on: May 20, 2023 3:18 pm

StasyQ VR: Design & Features

Where StasyQ VR is like other sites is in its wide-ranging headset support, so whichever device you have there’s a version of each scene available and optimized, which is always nice – some sites only provide a couple of different resolution options.

As the catalog is relatively modest at the moment, finding a scene you want to watch isn’t hard at all – and made all the easier as every single one is incredibly high-quality and featuring a selection of performers.

Downloads were speedy in our testing  – and as the files aren’t 30 – 40 minutes long, they tend to be smaller in size than you’ll be used to if you’ve used other VR porn sites. That’s never a bad thing really, as it means lower data usage and less space taken up on your device for storage.

Alternatively, they’re also all available to stream directly in a VR compatible browser too, or streamed via a VR player app that supports the option.

A pop-up bubble suggests that if you want to stream, you should install DEO Video Player (it’s available for Android phones too). Our testing was done using an Oculus GO, which DEO Player is available for too, but it didn’t seem to work as intended.

Once installed, hitting the ‘Watch in DEO’ button should open the scene in the app, but it just continually launched the prompt to install the app for us instead. Nonetheless, it’s not necessary to install it to stream (or download if you already have another favorite). As always, you’ll get much better quality if you download, but there are some rudimentary quality settings for direct in-browser streaming too.

Handily, there’s a simple way to narrow down the video files that are displayed on an individual scene screen – and StasyQ VR specifically indicates various qualities that are suitable for each device.

This is particularly handy for Oculus GO and PSVR users, which can be a bit more confusing than other devices when trying to decide which will be the best quality for your own needs.

StasyQ VR: Content

Formats and Resolutions
  • 3200p H.265 @60fps
  • 2880p H.264 @60fps
  • 2160p H.264 @60fps
  • 1920p H.264 @60fps
  • 1440p H.264 @60fps
  • 1080p H.264 @60fps

If all you care about is the highest resolution scenes, you probably don’t feel too great about the 4K maximum currently, as 5K is quickly becoming the standard. However, there’s really no need to worry in this case, as 4K downloaded scenes provide a very ‘glossy’, premium feeling experience.

At our last count, there were 244+ scenes available to stream or download in a whole host of different qualities and formats.

More so than any other site we’ve reviewed so far, StasyQ VR’s scenes tend towards being much shorter overall than most sites, which means an average of around 11 – 13 minutes.

This makes sense really, as each scene isn’t full of explicit hardcore action. Instead, each one is much more of an erotic striptease that’s designed to titillate.

While it’s not a ‘teen site’ per-se, it’s fair to say you’ll find more towards the teen end of the spectrum than the mature end.

StasyQ VR: Experience

Most VR porn sites feel very similar in terms of the content they produce – sure, some niche sites like VRCosplayX, buck the trend a bit but the actual action still ends up feeling very similar to other sites and scenes.

With StasyQ VR, that’s not the case – each scene is shot in a luxury location (not counting the air conditioner units you can see out the window of some scenes!), with stunning Russian performers slowly undressing and teasing you.

That sounds like it could get boring of formulaic feeling quickly, but as the scenes are all under 15 minutes, that wasn’t really the case in our testing.

It’s also the first VR porn site we’ve reviewed that has any movement included in the scenes, where performers regularly change locations within each set and the camera follows along without cutting away, which helps with the immersion effect of the videos.

StasyQ VR: Pricing

StasyQ VR has a relatively small catalog in comparison to a ‘general access’ VR porn site, which often have hundreds of videos available. However, for a niche site, 60-or-so scenes (and new ones added each week) is pretty respectable.

As a bonus, StasyQ VR is positively cheap in comparison to most, even if you don’t subscribe for the longer options. A rolling monthly subscription with no download or streaming limits costs just $14.99 per month, and falls as low as the equivalent of $6.25 per month if you subscribe for a year up-front.

  • $14.99 per month
  • $34.99 for 3 months ($11.66/m – 22% discount)
  • $74.98 per year ($6.25/m – 72% discount)

StasyQ VR: Overall

StasyQ VR scores 77% overall, making about middle of the pack if you look at the entire list of sites we’ve reviewed. However, that’s really not the full picture with this site – it offers beautiful performers in thoughtfully-produced, erotically-charged VR scenes. Just don’t expect full-on hardcore and you should be pretty damn happy.

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