StripzVR review: An indie adult VR site that deserves some attention



StripzVR review: An indie adult VR site that deserves some attention
StripzVR review: An indie adult VR site that deserves some attention
StripzVR review: An indie adult VR site that deserves some attention
Unlimited downloads
Great selection of tattooed performers
Regular updates

StripzVR is a bit of a rare thing in the VR porn world, as there’s no huge studio backing it. While big names like BaDoink or VirtualRealPorn have multiple adult VR brands under their auspices, StripzVR is going it alone.

The result is perhaps not what you might expect, so read on for the rest of the full StripzVR review for all the details.


StripzVR: Design & Features

Reviewing most VR porn sites usually involves looking at sites with very similar categorization and navigation options. Not so with StripzVR, and that’s not really a good thing.

Upon logging in to the members area, you’re presented with a welcome message – the site is owned and run by a single guy with a light support team, so the whole feeling is a lot more personal than any other VR porn sites.

If you’re looking for community, interactivity, a place where other members do genuinely comment on scenes, etc. then StripzVR is going to please you. If you don’t care about any of that stuff, it’s not really an added selling-point in its favour.

Regardless of whether that community interests you, it’s pretty likely that the poorly thought-out structure of the site itself will prove annoying at some point.

For example, there’s no search option, no tags…there’s not even individual category pages, which means you just have to scroll through and take a look at them all.

Arguably, this is less of a problem for a site that offers striptease-based scenes, mostly with girls on their own (although there are some scenes with two girls in as well) but being able to search by performer, hair colour or other physical characteristics might be useful still.

The biggest omission from the feature list is the ability to stream VR scenes directly, meaning you’ll need to download them all to watch them.

The company told us that it’s considering whether or not to add streaming options to the site at the moment, but that most members want the best possible quality scenes, which means downloading anyway.

StripzVR: Overall

StripzVR doesn’t score particularly well overall. Its catalog can’t compete on size alone, there’s no streaming, and there’s no bonus content thrown in either.

However, what it does do really, really well is deliver well-produced, high-quality striptease VR scenes, and if StasyQ VR didn’t exist it’d be a total no-brainer for anyone that wanted that. But StasyQ VR does exist, and offers a very similar proposition.

For anyone trying to choose between the two, you probably want erotic striptease rather than hardcore banging, and frankly, whichever you go with won’t leave you disappointed in that regard. It’s probably best just to check out which performers are available on each site before you sign up and use that as your decision.

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StripzVR: Rating

6.9Expert Score
Impressive indie studio with loads of scenes including tattooed performers 

Stripz VR would be an auto subscribe for intense striptease VR porn scenes, if StasyQ VR didn’t occupy such a similar space — the difference, however, is that StripzVR is an independent studio, and will even take requests for specific scenes.

Don’t let the fact that StripzVR is independent put you off — the scenes are of a technically high quality (5K max at the moment) and are incredibly immersive. If virtual striptease is your thing, it’s a close call between StasyQ and Stripz VR — Stripz has slightly more scenes though, 270 something at our last count.

There’s an active community behind the paywall, and plenty of big name porn stars you’ll recognize, many of which are covered in different amounts of tattoos. If you love inked girls, you’ll love StripzVR. The only place it really misses out on review points is the lack of streaming.

Ease of Use
  • Unlimited downloads
  • Great selection of tattooed performers
  • Regular updates
  • No annual or lifetime subscriptions
  • No streaming
  • Poor On-Site Categorization and Navigation Options
  • Many Scenes 15 Minutes or Less
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