WankzVR review: High-quality clips and regular updates make it one of the best

WankzVR is another big name in VR porn, but does it have enough to keep you interested? Read our review to find out.

WankzVR is a no-nonsense name that doesn’t leave you wondering what the site might offer. But with so many VR porn sites available and vying for your hard earned dollars each month, it’s difficult to decide which one to opt for. Read our full WankzVR review below to find out if it earns its spot.

WankzVR, like other premium VR porn sites, touts a catalog of more than 100 clips (123, to be precise, at the time of writing) and support for all of the most popular VR hardware setups, whether you’re watching on Google Cardboard, Samsung Gear VR, Oculus, HTC Vive or PlayStation VR, but does it have the edge on rivals like BadoinkVR, VirtualRealPorn, Naughty America VR and all the rest?


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WankzVR review: Features and design

When considering a VR subscription, the design of the site might seem like a secondary consideration, but the frustration involved in navigating (or lack of it) will severely affect how quickly you find whatever content you’re looking for.

WankzVR walks a middle line here – it’s well-designed in terms of its layout, but there’s no extensive filtering option. What you generally have is either the option to sort all videos by date or by popularity (rating), or to select a performer of your choice and find relevant scenes that way.

Once you click through to the details of a particular scene, you can also navigate by tag from there.

In WankzVR’s favor is the fact that the site has such wide-ranging support for different devices and formats: you can stream or download, though due to the size of the files, you probably won’t want to stream them over a mobile data connection unless you have an ‘Unlimited Data’ plan.

The videos, in comparison to our VR porn reviews of other sites, also tend toward being a little longer the more recent they are – where most max out at around 30 minutes, WankzVR provides scenes of up to an hour. Again, these are obviously fairly large, and particularly so if you opt for the high quality download rather than the medium quality.

Whether you’re watching on a Samsung Gear, Google Cardboard (or other generic Cardboard-like viewer), PlayStation VR, Oculus or HTC Vive, the videos should all work fine. It’s worth pointing out that we tested on a Gear VR.

You get the choice of 60fps or 30fps, and each clip has icons showing the specific settings, such as whether they are 180-degree, whether they support full head-tracking, binaural audio, etc.

Along with the usual selection of VR porn clips you’d expect to find, WankzVR also throws in a few female POV movies too, with the viewer taking a woman’s perspective in a scene with a man (or male-female couple).  It’s a nice, free, bonus but it’s just a few scenes, so not a reason alone to join.

WankzVR review: Pricing and introductory discounts

Pricing for WankzVR varies according to how long you’re happy to commit for – a discount introductory trial for two days costs just $1.99, while a month-by-month subscription costs $19.99. If you’re happy to pay in one lump sum for a year, however, that monthly costs falls to just $6.57 overall for each month.

As WankzVR also has a sister-site at MilfVR (not reviewed or accessed for this article), there are also bundle deals available that include access to both for $29.95 per month, $69.95 per quarter, or $139.95 per year, which works out at $11.50 per month for access to both sites.

If privacy is paramount, you can even chose to pay in Bitcoin, if you prefer.

WankzVR review: Experience and overall rating

We’re not going to mess around – WankzVR is one of our favorite VR porn sites at the moment for one main reason: it’s convenient.

With some of the others, it’s been a case of trial and error to find which VR player works best with the movies, but for WankzVR, they seemed to work smoothly and be of high-quality regardless of player, which is a bonus.

Add in the fact that you can stream the clips directly, rather than downloading them to your phone, which saves taking up space on your handset, and WankzVR is already ahead of many rivals.

It’s not the most diverse range of clips, and discovery of specific videos and the filtering options definitely aren’t comparable to sites like VirtualRealPorn or BadoinkVR, but if you’re happy to just log on and view by date or most popular, you won’t have an issue, particularly as clips are uploaded about twice a week. Most tend to be themed, like the Easter one pictured.

The final point in its favor is the ability to save some money by opting for a VR Bundle subscription for WankzVR and MilfVR, which again, is a convenience if you wanted more than just one subscription without breaking the bank. Either way, the 2-day trial is a cheap way to find out if WankzVR works for you.

WankzVR review
User Experience and features80
Content Variety83
Update Frequency91
Reader Rating14 Votes71
Lots of themed shoots
Ability for Combo package with MilfVR
Scenes of up to one hour
Finding specific content could be easier
Lacks diversity in performers
Top-rated by readers!
A great all-round option that allows streaming and downloads, and delivers high quality across both. Regular updates and low distortion put it ahead of many, and the option to combine it with a MilfVR subscription adds another point in its favor.


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