We-Vibe Wand review: A $200 smart wand that doesn’t disappoint on power



We-Vibe Wand review: A $200 smart wand that doesn’t disappoint on power
We-Vibe Wand review: A $200 smart wand that doesn’t disappoint on power
We-Vibe Wand review: A $200 smart wand that doesn’t disappoint on power
Very powerful
Relatively quiet
Good battery life
Multiple attachments
Joystick intensity controllable
App functionality

There has been a good deal of buzz in the adult industry since We-Vibe, famed for products such as the Sync and Tango, announced it was releasing a wand. This product, simply called the Wand by We-Vibe, is now on the market.

Priced at $199/€179, the We-Vibe Wand brings some of the company’s more innovative features to a classic sex toy design – but how does it measure up against the hype, or more importantly, the established competition from the likes of Doxy or Le Wand?


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We-Vibe Wand: Hardware, Specs and Design

The We-Vibe Wand is a cordless, USB-rechargeable (wand-style!) vibrator. It’s 14-inches in length, with a head circumference of 7.25 inches – that’s a diameter of 2.3 inches.

It has a gently curved body, a short and slightly flexible neck, and a firm head with a minimal amount of squish. The Wand is also waterproof (unusual for a wand, and very welcome!) and comes with two attachments: a flutter attachment for gentler clitoral play, and a penis stroker attachment. Both of these work by slipping them over the head of the toy.

The outer casing of the Wand by We-Vibe is made entirely of soft and body-safe silicone in a rich plum purple, and the head connects to the body with a decorative plastic band in a lighter purple. The attachments are also silicone, and are an attractive turquoise color.

Like many of We-Vibe’s newer products, the Wand can be synced to the We-Connect app for Android or iOS devices for control anywhere in the world.

The Wand came with excessive packaging and did not include a storage bag – something you might rightly expect of a product at this price.

We-Vibe Wand: Power & Settings

We-Vibe markets the Wand as “the most advanced and powerful cordless massager ever” – a bold statement, when Doxy is regularly touted as among the most powerful.

The Wand by We-Vibe has 10 vibration modes: constant vibration, and nine different patterns. You switch between the settings with one button, which makes it simple to use, but also means you have to scroll through every mode if you miss the one you wanted the first time around. This isn’t an issue if you use the app, but not everyone will want to do that. For a toy in this price range, and which boasts so many technological features, this feels like a really basic option that has been missed.

In addition, the on/off button and the “change setting” button are tiny. This could be a real problem for someone with unsteady hands, poor vision, or using the toy in a dark space.

In terms of power, the Wand absolutely delivers. It is still somewhat less powerful than the mains-powered wands on the market, but it’s by far the most powerful cordless toy I have ever tried.

In addition to the sheer level of power it offers, the vibrations are intensely deep and rumbly. We-Vibe consistently knocks it out of the park when it comes to rumbly vibrations, and the Wand takes this to the next level.

Rumble lovers and power fans need to look no further!

We-Vibe Wand: Additional Features

The most exciting and innovative feature in the Wand by We-Vibe is undoubtedly the Smart Silence function. Previously seen in the Womanizer Classic (We-Vibe merged with Womanizer in 2018 to form WOW Tech Group). Smart Silence is genuinely a fantastic invention that uses touch-sensitive technology to sense when the toy is against your body, and turns the vibrations off automatically when it is no longer in contact.

This means that if someone walks in at an inopportune moment, or even if you want to take a break, the vibrations will stop immediately without needing to fumble with buttons.

Smart Silence is enabled by default, but you can turn it on or off by holding down the pattern button for five seconds.

The other feature that really sets the Wand apart from its rivals is the joystick-style intensity control. This allows for a seamless transition between power levels, and for a greater degree of control and precision than in a typical button-operated interface. Neat.

We-Vibe Wand: Attachments

The inclusion of attachments with the Wand by We-Vibe is a very nice touch. This makes the toy both more versatile – important in such an expensive product – and more inclusive. Wands are typically associated with people with vulvas, but they can be just as much fun for people with penises.

Not possessing the appropriate anatomy, I have not had the chance to test the stroker attachment personally. However, it is soft and flexible, meaning it should be both comfortable to wear and suitable regardless of the user’s penis size. Additionally, toys for penises are frequently made of unsafe materials that it is refreshing to see one made of high-quality, body-safe silicone.

The flutter attachment offers a gentler and more focused clitoral stimulation, and is ideal for warm-up as well as for those who find the Wand’s broad vibrations overwhelming or too intense.

We-Vibe Wand: We-Connect App Functionality

App-controlled sex toys are difficult to get right. Too many end up being either unnecessarily complicated, or having such poor functionality that they make the whole experience more frustrating than arousing.

We-Vibe’s We Connect app is available for free from the Android and Apple app stores, and is easy and intuitive to set up – it takes about two minutes.

Once you’ve connected your toy via Bluetooth, you can invite a partner – anywhere in the world – to take control of your toy. This works well (as long as you both have a stable internet connection) and provides a lot of opportunities for those in long-distance relationships or otherwise away from their partner to stay connected.

The other main advantage of the app is that it allows you to easily change settings and experiment with the different vibration modes without having to scroll through using that single button. You can also change the intensity of your chosen vibration setting with a single swipe of your finger.

On the negative side, the most annoying thing about the app was the response time. From swiping to change the setting, it takes about three seconds for the Wand to register the change and respond accordingly. If you’re someone whose body is very sensitive to changes in stimulation, this delay could be off-putting.

We-Vibe Wand: Rating

7.7Expert Score
A versatile and enjoyable wand, let down mostly by the app

I am very impressed with Wand by We-Vibe overall. It takes a well-known (and loved) sex toy design and improves upon it, adding features that are both innovative and genuinely useful. It also offers incredibly strong, rumbly vibrations.

It isn’t perfect – specifically, the one-button vibration setting control and the lack of a storage bag are avoidable niggles, and the responsiveness of the app needs improvement, though this could vary from phone to phone.

On the whole, even with its near $200 retail price, the We-Vibe Wand is a worthy addition to your toy box.

Ease of Use
We Like
  • Very powerful
  • Relatively quiet
  • Good battery life
  • Multiple attachments
  • Joystick intensity controllable
  • App functionality
We Dislike
  • Can only scroll through patterns one-way via device controls
  • App can be laggy with response
  • No included storage bag
  • Relatively expensive for a wand
COLOR(S):   Purple
CONTROL(S):   Built-in, App,
Built-in, App
Fully Waterproof

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