We-Vibe Wish review: Deep and rumbling wave vibrations, let down only by a single button


$79.00 $119.00

We-Vibe Wish review: Deep and rumbling wave vibrations, let down only by a single button
We-Vibe Wish review: Deep and rumbling wave vibrations, let down only by a single button
We-Vibe Wish review: Deep and rumbling wave vibrations, let down only by a single button
$79.00 $119.00
Broad and deep vibration
100% Waterproof
Silky soft texture
Connects to app easily

Wish by We-Vibe is a single-motor, app-ready vibrator that costs $119. Similar to We-Vibe’s other products, the Wish can be used solo or with a partner. The unique aspect the We-Vibe Wish brings are the broad, wave-like vibrations delivered through its proprietary ‘PowerPulse’ technology.

Despite initial scepticism around PowerPulse marketing, the power did not go unnoticed. In fact, the deep rumbling, along with its plush design, are just a couple of features that make this product worth the money… though it wasn’t plain sailing the whole way. Check out the full We-Vibe Wish review below to find out more.

We-Vibe Wish: Design

Typical of We-Vibe’s packaging, the box is a simple white, with blue detail. It’s more medical than sex, but that’s not necessarily a bad thing, and the product itself makes up for that.

Inside the box you have your manual, silky pouch, USB magnetic charging cable and of course the Wish unit.

Wish is bright, sky blue, and doesn’t come in any other color. The materials are phthalate and BPA-free body-safe silicone made without latex. As it is silicone, do not use with silicone-based lubricants (water-based lubes are fine though), and make sure to store it away from other toys to avoid deterioration of the materials. It is 100 percent waterproof, making it easy to clean with soap and warm water, or specifically designed toy cleaner.

The texture is soft and silky, with slight squishiness to it, giving it that ‘plush’ experience.

You charge the Wish using the included USB charging cable with magnetic attachment. On the manual, it says charging takes two hours. On the website, it says to charge for 90 minutes for 2 hours of pleasure. Either way, when putting it on to charge, make sure the toy is securely in place; otherwise, the magnets disconnect quite easily.

The button to turn it on is small, difficult to press, and inconspicuously placed next to the larger button-like magnets. There are 10 preset vibration patterns you can click through with this single button.

The compatible We-Vibe app for Wish is called We-Connect. It is free to download and easy to use – and it also allows you to see the battery level as well as adjust the max intensity of the vibrations. You can choose from the app’s ten preset vibration patterns or create your own playlist. Unfortunately, the “touch” and “beat” modes are reserved for We-Vibe’s Sync products only. As it’s a single motor toy, the “create your vibe” feature is also limited.

We-Vibe Wish: In Use

The biggest bone I have to pick with this toy is the button. I’m hoping that maybe I received a dysfunctional toy, and the button is usually better – but I’m going to review what I have got.

As aforementioned, the button sits next to the magnets that look more like buttons than the only button does. The button itself is white and a real pain to press. Something that the designers should really have got right. It not only makes it difficult to enjoy the toy in general, but can also make it impossible to use for people with mobility issues.

It does light up when you do press it, but even my male partner (who supposedly has more finger dexterity) struggled with it – making it an annoying experience.

Sans Partner

Once on, and the preferred vibration pattern was selected, this toy is a real treat. Compared to other clitoral vibrators that are smaller and buzzier, the We-Vibe Wish is broad and rumbling. The shape offers vibrations across the entire vulva – including the clitoris, inner and outer lips, across the vaginal opening and even the perineum, and anus area. That’s a lot to cover for one toy.

The depth of vibration is akin to the rumbling sensation of a wand – however it’s not quite as powerful as some monster wands out there. This makes it great for stimulation the internal clitoris, but also encouraging blood flow to the muscles in the entire pelvic floor.

A few of the preset patterns utilise We-Vibe’s “PowerPulse” technology. It’s quite a feat of technology with a single motor really, as it manages to create waves of vibrations that do penetrate with a deep pleasurable sensation.

For people who like more focused stimulation on the clitoris, the Wish also has a tapered tip that gives more direct vibrations to a preferred area, such as the nipples.

Unlike some devices that offer app control, the Wish’s is actually worth using, especially if the button is an issue for you. Connectivity was a breeze, which isn’t always the case (as we saw in the GVibe GBalls 2 review), so it’s always nice when we don’t have to go through that same hassle.

You can visually choose your patterns and strength. From the 10 on-app preset patterns, I enjoyed the ‘Cha Cha Cha’ for novelty, but the ‘Power Pulse’ and the ‘Wave’ for pleasure. When creating a vibration, you can make a playlist of your favorite presets, choosing the length and strength. Or, you can draw your own. This was more enjoyed as part of the novelty, but some of my creations were genuinely enjoyable too.

As it is waterproof, I tested We-Vibe Wish in the bath, and found the silky texture and rumbling vibration very soothing across multiple erogenous zones. It’s a sensual experience that you can also enjoy in the shower too, making it appropriate for quicker sessions too.

We-Vibe claims Wish is “whisper-quiet”, and though it wasn’t necessarily that quiet, I have zero complaints about the noise factor. It’s usually the buzzy vibrators that carry more noise with a higher frequency – something to be aware of when living with family or nosy housemates, and not really an issue for the low rumbles of the Wish.

With Partner

Since experimenting solo, I was keen to see how easy and enjoyable the Wish would be with my partner.

As We-Vibe claims it can be enjoyed “between you and your partner”, I tried slotting it between us during penetrative sex. Despite the really enjoyable vibrations, I found it too big, and it ultimately got in the way. However, I instead opted to use it for my partner’s pleasure, placing the tapered tip on his perineum and the underside of the penis shaft.

As the vibrations were deep and rumbling, he found them very enjoyable, indirectly stimulating his prostate for a powerful climax. I also was able to feel the vibrations still even though they weren’t directly on me.

When using the toy and app for long-distance, we struggled with the connection. It wasn’t clear when we were connected, and kept asking me to re-send the link to connect. After multiple tries, we gave up.

Post-use (and pre-use), cleaning Wish was super easy as it is 100% waterproof.

We-Vibe Wish: Rating

Teal / Aqua Green
Fully Waterproof
7.5Expert Score

Overall, I loved that We-Vibe Wish gave me a deeper sensation than many other clitoral vibrators. In this regard, the We-Vibe Wish is not only a vulva vibrator, but more accurately a multi-purpose body vibrator.

Its broad shape and rumbling vibrations can stimulate muscle tissue and pleasurable nerve endings almost anywhere, making the entire body a potential erogenous zone.

It was quiet enough, soft enough and strong enough for multiple enjoyable experiences. if you can live with the button foibles, and aren’t using it primarily for long-distance sessions, then you should be left pretty happy overall.
If you do want long-distance fun primarily, then check out some of Kiiroo’s devices, as they are more designed for that from the outset.

Ease of Use
  • Broad and deep vibration
  • 100% Waterproof
  • Silky soft texture
  • Connects to app easily
  • Button can be awkward to press
  • Long-distance control was tricky
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The We-Vibe Wish is a full-body massager by We-Vibe, the makers of the world's best couples' sex toys. Now they bring that power and quality to a body massager focused on female pleasure.

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