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BaDoink teams up with Berlin artists for sex doll cyberpunk VR brothel experience

The visually-blended virtual reality scene will be available first for BaDoinkVR and VRCosplayX members, followed by a time-limited free release to everyone.
badoinkvr cybrothel experience

BaDoink, the parent company of BaDoinkVR, VRCosplayX, 18VR and a number of other adult virtual reality sites has teamed up with Berlin-based artist collective Kokeshi to create a scene that jumps between reality (starring Finnish performer Angie Lynx) and a cyberpunk-themed experience with a RealDoll-made sex doll.

The promotional virtual reality scene is being provided to viewers for free in up to 7K resolution between December 22, 2021 and January 9, 2022.

“The project combines a cyberpunk motif with Kokeshi’s cyber brothel aesthetic in a 180-degree stereoscopic virtual reality experience. The scene transports the user to a futuristic brothel in which their desire shifts between a humanoid sex worker and a living, breathing human, portrayed by Angie Lynx,” the company says in a statement.

Created by Berlin-based writer, Alexis Smiley Smith, Austrian filmmaker, Phillip Fussenager, and Sujmo, an artist and creative director from Cologne, Kokeshi Cybrothel uses their narrative design aesthetics to create interactive spaces to connect all consensual beings with sex and technology.

The Tech Behind the Sex

In order to try and create a fully immersive experience for viewers, the project had to find a way to merge the experiences of humanoid and human interaction. The end result was achieved through a mixture of practical effects and post-production techniques, BaDoinkVR says.

“We are coordinating shooting the same shot with two cameras and then mixing them through a physical projector that we’re putting some graphics on top of the actress,” director, Lucas Elliot, says. “We are using stereoscopic cameras, so we can see how the physicality of the graphics affects the environment,” Lucas adds.

The aim of the project — “to give a taste of the intimacy and realism that a premium cyber brothel can provide” — is a win-win for both the companies involved. The Cybrothel artist collective gets access to BaDoinkVR’s highly-engaged audience, and BaDoinkVR gets a novel experience to offer its members.

While it will be available to download to everyone for free between December 22 and January 9, BaDoinkVR and VRCosplayX subscribers can view it through from December 17, 2021, and will have access to it indefinitely, a spokesperson told SEXTECHGUIDE.

Cybrothel is by no means the only company that provides a brothel-like experience with sex dolls and robots, though they aren’t being universally welcomed.

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