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Raspberry Dream Land’s extended reality adult social platform launching with 24-hour event

Raspberry Dream Land launch July

A new arts, entertainment and sexuality-focused extended reality (XR) platform is set to launch in July 2021 with an online event lasting at least 24 hours.

Raspberry Dream Land is billed as a “safe space for radical self-expression, social interactions and meaningful connections” by Raspberry Dream Labs, a London-based virtual reality-focused (VR) sextech startup.

The company has said that Raspberry Dream Land, announced in December 2020, will be free from censorship and other constraints many tech companies put on sexuality-related platforms and events. Users will be able to interact with each other on the platform and go on virtual dates, as well as take part in online events.

The firm made a callout for VR artists, DJs, music producers, speakers and other creative types to take part in the online launch bash. It will take place on July 30 and is expected to continue for at least a day.

Singapore-based visual artist Howie Kim, futuristic architecture-focused artist Sheepairsupport and psychologist/sexologist Cathline Smoos are among those signed up to contribute to the event.

Raspberry Dream Labs has produced a prototype rig featuring a VR headset plus equipment producing scents, sounds and pulses giving the user the sensation of being touched. Its long-term goal is for the rigs to be worn by users logging on to Raspberry Dream Land.

Raspberry Dream Land
A still from Raspberry Dream Land’s website

Angelina Aleksandrovich, founder of Raspberry Dream Labs, said that the idea for the platform came after her company came up against “oppression” and censorship from hosting sites they tested.

“As in what the future hold for us: it holds total independence from censoring corporations and freedom of radical expression as we build our own social webXR platform – Raspberry Dream Land – where people can meet in the virtual world, go on the dates, attend events that would be censored elsewhere online, get playful and build meaning connections over the distance,” she told Insider.

The platform is billed by Raspberry Dream Labs as “a truly magical metaverse, which is a safe space for radical self-expression, social interactions and meaningful connections. Open to creative artistic expressions of all kinds, RD Land celebrates progressive arts, entertainment and sexuality.”

You can check out for more information and to sign up to attend the launch event, should you want to.

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