VirtualRealGay review: A great gay VR experience that only needs more diversity


$14..99 $24.99

VirtualRealGay review: A great gay VR experience that only needs more diversity
VirtualRealGay review: A great gay VR experience that only needs more diversity
$14..99 $24.99
Teledildonic support
Easy to use
Good filters
Regular Updates

We’ve reviewed a whole lot of VR porn sites in the last year or so, but our VirtualRealGay review is the first one dedicated to gay VR porn, so it’s long overdue.

Right now, VirtualRealGay’s catalogue doesn’t offer the same breadth as its sister-site VirtualRealPorn (notably, having the largest catalog of all the VR sites we’ve tested), but for a dedicated gay VR site, it’s not so bad either.

Does it offer enough value to make the subscription worthwhile?

VirtualRealGay: Rating

8Expert Score
Compelling, if not very diverse

VirtualRealGay delivers a compelling experience, and unless you’re particularly bothered by a lack of diversity in performers, you shouldn’t be disappointed.

Ease of Use
We Like
  • Teledildonic support
  • Easy to use
  • Good filters
  • Regular Updates
We Dislike
  • Needs more diversity in performers if you’re not a white guy
  • Not as much content as its straight sister-site
Weekly Updates:
2 per month
Max Resolution:
Includes Non-VR (2D) Porn:
Trial: $
1 Month: $
3 Months: $
6 Months: $
12 Months: $
Lifetime: $
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Interactive Toys 

VirtualRealGay Review: Design and Content

With an already established ‘main’ site, we expected VirtualRealGay to deliver on design, and it does.

Perhaps its best feature will be more useful once its catalogue grows a little (that’s not to say it isn’t useful now; it really is), but the power of the filters will be more effective when there are more scenes to choose between.

Separate filters are available for both video and performer searches, which makes it easy to skip straight to whatever you’re looking for without much fuss.

VirtualRealGay’s 290+ videos are filterable by genre, model, and ‘favorites’ but you can also specify the POV position as top, bottom, or versatile, which is a nice touch if you’re so inclined.

Each video panel shows information such as whether or not the clip has any cam shaking, whether it supports binaural sound, its resolution, frame rate, etc. There’s also a little icon to indicate which videos are teledildonics compatible. All videos seem to be 180-degrees currently.

Information on things like file size and quality is broken down into device-specific segments. For an average length (around 20 minute) 1080p, 60 FPS video you’re looking at around 1.1GB and the larger file sizes (3D PS4 Pro, 60FPS) doubles that to around 2GB.

You can also watch any video in regular non-VR mode as long as you’re streaming through the site and not using a downloaded file.

Virtualrealgay review

VirtualRealGay Review: Features and Experience

VirtualRealGay supports streaming VR porn and downloads, both of which have their own benefits. Streaming is particularly useful if you’re the kind of person who forgets to load your devices with content before you want it, but it does come at the cost of quality (and loading issues if you have a poor internet connection).

As a smartphone user streaming from the site, it would’ve been nice to be able to navigate through videos using gaze control but, for now at least, you have to remove your headset to switch between videos.

Downloaded content requires a player; VirtualRealGay recommend its own VirtualRealPlayer which you can download for free on Android and iOS. We used VirtualRealPlayer for iOS on an iPhone 7 and the instructions on the site made downloading and transferring files simple.

There’s also support for teledildonics (currently FeelVR, Lovense Max, Lovense Nora, Kiiroo Onyx, Kiiroo Pearl) but there doesn’t appear to be support for the Fleshlight Launch right now, which could be an oversight given the popularity of the device.

It may just be the novelty of VR but you can’t help but feel a little disappointed with ‘regular’ porn after you’ve gone virtual. In any case, the easier it gets to grab a headset and get on with things, the more inclined I am to opt for immersion.

VirtualRealGay Review: Pricing, Trials and Discounts

If most of your VR porn consumption is done through your smartphone, carrying a handful of bulky files around might not be ideal. For you, VirtualRealGay offers various price plans including a streaming-only subscription for smartphone and GearVR users (€9.95 per month).

Not quite ready to commit to a long term relationship with your VR porn subscription? A one month subscription (which includes both streaming and downloads) will set you back €15.95. Three-month and twelve-month subscriptions will get you significant discounts, so it might be worth checking out the free full length trial video and some of the trailers before you decide.

For those of you requiring payment with something more anonymous than a credit card or PayPal, Bitcoin is accepted. You can also redeem (or purchase) gift cards.

VirtualRealGay regularly offers discounts too.

VirtualRealGay Review: Overall

You may well have already noticed but I really enjoyed VirtualRealGay. The site is clean and easily navigable across devices and its detailed filters make finding what you’re looking for super-fast.

My biggest gripe is the distinct lack of ethnic diversity amongst the performers. Don’t get me wrong, there’s enough of a range in terms of looks and ages to please even the fussiest viewer. But if you want an immersive POV experience and none of the performers come even close to your skin tone, you’re kinda forced to imagine being a white dude.

You’ll find a much broader range of ethnicities represented in VirtualRealGay’s sister site, VirtualRealPorn, so one can only hope this will improve for VirtualRealGay as its catalogue grows.

Nevertheless, particularly given VR porn is still in its relative infancy, these shortfalls are to be expected.

With so few sites offering premium gay VR porn, VirtualRealGay is a breath of virtual air. It has a growing catalogue of high quality scenes, many of which are compatible with teledildonics. All it needs now is even more scenes and a little more diversity.

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