3D scanned porn star game VR Hand Revolution on the way for Meta Quest

VR Hand Revolution

A virtual reality (VR) game featuring 3D animated characters rendered from scans of real porn stars is in the works, with online adult VR gaming fans already getting excited about the preview videos.

A developer who makes adult VR material under the name RockHardVR sorted license deals with a slew of porn actresses, then 3D scanned their bodies to produce VR avatars of them. When completed, they will be playable characters with 6 degrees-of-freedom (6DOF).

Paris White, Vanna Bardot and Kyler Quinn are among the models RockHardVR has reproduced in 3D animated form, posting preview images and video on its blog.

A still from an early VR Hand Revolution

A still from an early VR Hand Revolution

A playable demo of the resulting game for the Meta Quest VR headset, expected to be titled VR Hand Revolution, is expected soon. The developer has said that it is designed as a mobile game, so is not recommended for PC users.

The previews have already garnered a degree of interest on Reddit, with VR porn fans awaiting further developments. The early renderings are pretty impressive, especially considering that they are made by a solo amateur developer rather than a professional VR porn studio or gaming company.

Each of the character models is created by capturing images with a 150-DSLR camera rig kit, and is currently made with WebVR, but it’ll also be made available in WebAR (allowing for augmented reality) on Quest Pro headsets, if Meta adds support for the WebAR protocol.

The game is expected to be completed some time in 2023, with Kyler Quinn (who you can already check out in VR on VRConk and VRCosplayX) set to be the first playable porn star avatar released as a preview.

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