Unforgettable sex? Wist records memories as VR renders to relive later

wist app lets you relive all your memories in VR

A smartphone app that creates virtual reality (VR) versions of the user’s real memories, that can be played back to ‘relive’ is in development.

The app, Wist, renders the VR ‘memory’ recordings from 3D information it captures from video footage taken by the user while they’re recording within the app. It basically creates a 3D version of 2D footage that you can explore in VR, plus pause, rewind, and replay.

The sextech potential of Wist is obvious, as it could potentially be used to capture intimate sessions then render them into ‘memories’ to share with your partner. It could also potentially offer a low-cost way of producing VR porn for wider use.

WistLabs, the company behind Wist, said that a ‘multiplayer; function is set to be rolled out, allowing you to create shared Wist VR spaces.

The ‘memory’ renderings that have been shown off online, including on the Wist website, show promise, although most look more like grabs from The Sims than anything smoothly hyper-real. The firm said that over time, processing and artificial intelligence (AI) enhancements will be made to older ‘memory’ recordings, to improve their quality.

Many media reports have compared the technology to the fictional visual ‘memory playback’ function humans were equipped with in the 2011 episode of TV series Black Mirror entitled The Entire History of You.

While Wist doesn’t seem to be able to create VR recordings quite to the quality envisaged in the acclaimed TV series quite yet, for now, it’s certainly offering a novel, more immersive twist on video recordings.

Previously named Vivid, Wist is currently in a private beta phase, and you can currently sign up to join the waitlist for the next phase. A full Meta Quest Pro version of Wist is expected to be released later in 2023.

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