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ARConk review: An adult augmented reality app that still needs some work

Although far from being the only virtual reality (VR) portal on the internet, VRBangers ...
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Augmented reality app lets you plan your BDSM dungeon

Ever wondered what a kink cage would look like near the fireplace?  Well, wonder ...
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Pornhub launches Snapchat rival that brings ‘augmented reality’ to sexting

Pornhub's launched its very own messaging app called TrickPics, but it's not like others.

Where virtual meets reality: AI companions pose uniquely human challenges

As more artificially intelligent companions - those with an 'adult' function and those ...

Best VR porn: 21 XXX virtual reality sites with up to 8K streaming and downloads (2022)

We've completely re-written this guide to finding the top VR porn sites to bring you only ...

What’s the relationship between extended reality and sexual arousal? UK-based study aims to find out

What will the future of cybersex be like? Raspberry Dream Labs, an independent research ...

Ultra-light Dextres gloves add a touch of reality to VR

VR gloves are nothing new, but for a long time have been large and bulky devices tethered ...

Firefox Reality is a new Mozilla browser built for VR and AR

Using VR in a browser is by no means a new ability, but it's also not the best experience ...

Meta’s AR glasses sound like they’d be pretty good for sextech integration

Some intriguing information about Meta’s forthcoming augmented reality (AR) glasses, and ...

Facebook teases VR prototypes, as HTC announces lightweight Vive Flow headset

October 2021 has proved to be a fruitful month for new virtual reality (VR) headsets ...

The evolution of VR porn: Sword of Damocles to VRBangers

All the milestones that lead from the 1960s, right the way through to the adult virtual ...

Majority of US and UK VR users have watched porn on their headsets

More than two thirds of virtual reality (VR) headset users in the UK and US have used ...