SexLikeReal can now produce augmented reality passthrough porn without filming against ‘green screen’


VR porn site SexLikeReal has updated its AI passthrough function that turns VR porn videos into augmented reality (AR) passthrough videos, without the need for filming with green or gray screens.

Passthrough in VR is the experience of seeing VR content through your mixed reality headset, with some of the visuals appearing to exist in your ‘real’ surroundings. It’s achieved by the headset’s external cameras feeding video of your surroundings to your screen.

The old passthrough method
A woman is experiencing virtual reality on a bed using Meta Quest 3.
The new passthrough videos
A SexLikeReal VR passthrough guide video

SexLikeReal had previously enhanced its passthrough capabilities by filming some of its VR porn videos with grey backgrounds (above), and with the male ‘talent’ wearing a chroma suit that exposed only his erect penis. This means that in straight AR, only a penis and the other performer appear in your headset visuals, as if they’re in the room with you.

The new AI passthrough function is the next step of this VR porn passthrough evolution. Developers at the site reportedly experimented with the video editing tool CapCut to achieve the new passthrough effect, but then moved on to develop their own in-house AI video algorithm.

The new AI function is designed to remove the background of VR porn videos, plus the parts of the male performer normally visible from the ‘first-person’ filmed perspective, without the need for special passthrough filming measures. As of February 1, 2024 SexLikeReal had [extremely NSFW] released around ten videos showcasing the new AI passthrough technology, which joined the 100 or so passthrough scenes filmed against a green or grey background. .

The site said that it planned to make its entire VR porn video archive compatible with the new AI passthrough function, as it honed the technology for wider rollout. Developers have said that their next “big thing” with the function will be six degrees of freedom (6DOF) passthrough, which could allow greater flexibility with the positioning of the headset as well as its directional tracking.

The launch has gone down pretty well in the SexLlikeReal VR porn community, which is vibrant and quick to give feedback to the site. Developers have said that things like the smoothness of edges in the visuals will be improved soon.

SexLikeReal is also working on its own penis stroker device, although it’s not expected to come out until 2025 following design delays.

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