Playboy magazine returns (kind of) with new digital edition to support creator platform

Playboy Centerfold relaunch

Playboy is creating a new digital magazine that looks set to be the main portal to the US brand’s recently-launched adult content creator subscription platform, Centerfold.

The print edition of Playboy magazine came to an end in 2020, with the new digital edition expected to launch later in 2023. Launched in 2021, Centerfold is Playboy’s attempt to take on adult content platforms such as OnlyFans but is billed as a more exclusive digital arena.

The new digital magazine launch is expected to coincide with the rebranding of Playboy’s creator platform, and the dropping of the name Centerfold, reported the New York Post. It will reportedly feature essays and other content from Playboy creators, both ‘adult’ and ‘non-adult’, and will link to the creator platform.

Playboy digital cover
The cover image for Playboy’s digital magazine

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The idea seems to be a blurring of the lines, or at least a far closer synergy, between Playboy’s editorial content and its subscription-creator adult content output. Rachel Webber, the company’s chief brand officer, called the revamp “the Playboy magazine for the 21st century”.

She added: “We’re putting the power of content creation in the hands of the creative community and giving them the tools to interact with and monetize their fanbases directly.”

Centerfold, as it is still currently titled, operates similarly to OnlyFans, allowing creators to sell exclusive content such as images, videos, and direct messaging communication to subscribers. While anyone who abides by OnlyFans’ content rules can sign up to the platform, Playboy’s Centerfold content creators are vetted by editorial staff.

The idea is to create a more exclusive, curated landscape in line with Playboy’s brand values. US rapper Cardi B was signed up as a creative director in residence for Centerfold.

The cover image of the forthcoming first edition of Playboy’s new digital magazine is pictured above, and features Amanda Cerny.

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