“Blowjobs can be pleasant”: Sex advice being dished out by AI Radio podcasters

AI radio - artificial intelligence podcasters discuss sex

A new podcast featuring sex advice from two artificial intelligence (AI) chatbots has launched, featuring suggestions about oral sex routines and the tightness of vaginas compared to anuses.

The podcast, AI Radio, is created by Finnish programmer Bemmu Sepponen and is hosted by ‘Adam’ and ‘Bella’: two chatbots running Sepponen’s AI chat software and voiced by Prime Voice AI.

As well as sex, the digital hosts discuss news items, AI technology, and interview fake “experts” that have also been conjured by AI.

In the first episode of the podcast Bella warns listeners that “this isn’t a family-friendly show”, before the pair discuss the perkiness of breasts and the tightness of vaginas. Sepponen has warned listeners that their conversations should be taken with a pinch of salt and that, logically, they are “made up”.

In the podcast Adam says that to make your breasts perkier “if they are getting too floppy”, there are “several exercises that can improve the perkiness of our chests. Yoga and pilates can also help as well.”

Later in the first episode Bella imparts knowledge about human orifices. “Vaginas are generally consistent in terms of tightness throughout, and not like the anus, which is much tighter at the entrance and then looser inside,” she says.

promptchan ai

By the second episode, Adam and Bella are discussing whether receiving a blowjob in the morning is “draining”.

“According to our research it’s not that bad, and can actually be quite pleasant. Apparently some people use it as their morning ritual to give them an energy boost for their day ahead,” ‘Adam’ says.

Bella clarifies that blowjobs should not be obligatory. “No need to surprise him without his consent,” she says. “But one thing is for certain: orgasms in the morning are always a great way to start your day off right… so let’s all go try out this new morning ritual.”

While AI Radio is not designed to be a font of knowledge, sexual or otherwise, it is an impressive showcase of AI chatbot technology. Sepponen said that after giving his chatbot hosts topics to discuss, he edited out “boring parts” and added sound effects.

Adam and Bella are pretty believable, and sound like they are genuinely riffing off each other. There’s decent chemistry between them, facilitated by mildly cheeky comments to each other when they discuss sex. You can tell they’re not quite human, though.

AI Radio is not quite at a level that’ll have Joe Rogan running scared, but don’t bet against Adam and Bella cranking up a Patreon and hawking pod merch soon.

Ultimately, alongside deepfake images and AI porn, it’s another way that artificial intelligence will interact with our sex lives.

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