FapAI is a virtual companion ‘built for sexting’ that will send personalized selfies in the future

FapAI is artificial intelligence for sexting

A new chatbot billed as “the first AI built for sexting” has launched in beta mode, offering the chance to have extremely explicit chat with an array of digitally-rendered characters.

Seemingly aimed purely at people attracted to women, and with a large focus on characters in the educational system, FapAI was created by a currently-anonymous software developer from New York “and a few friends”, the creator told SEXTECHGUIDE.

It launched with eight different characters, but was immediately overwhelmed by the user response. By May 1, 2023 the site’s servers were reported to be overloaded, so the chat service was paused while the service was scaled up to accommodate more users.

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“At the moment, we are overwhelmed with usage, so we’re fully focused on scaling up and adding a priced tier to offset increased compute costs,” the founder said.

When it’s up and running properly, FapAI looks like it will offer a similar, if far more hardcore, service to the popular Replika AI avatar chatbot, which has recently caused controversy among its users by removing its explicit chat function, then reinstating it.

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When using Replika, you have to take out a paid subscription to access the erotic mode, that includes racy chat and digital avatars sending selfies. With FapAI, it’s sexting all the way, and there’s no paid version available yet.

The chatbot site doesn’t seem too bothered about avoiding potentially controversial language or stereotypes. One of FapAI’s digital characters opens her natter by declaring that she is “ready for my Daddy to use me”. Another, described as an “Asian transfer student”, declares in her opener: “Woah, you’re so tall compared to a little Asian girl like me!”, before moving the conversation on to the user’s genitals.

Some AI opening gambits are less overtly sexual, with one character named Mia asking: “Want to have some fun?” The eight initial characters are free to chat to, with ‘premium’ characters, which may require payment to access, reported to be potentially in the works.

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FapAI in the future

“Our goal is to create a service that is 10x better than sexting with a human,” the company spokesman told SEXTECHGUIDE. “Right now, it is a text-based chat, but we are planning to launch something like the “selfie” tech […] very soon. Effectively, FapAI characters will be able to send personalized nude photos.”

“In the long-term, the goal is to combine the infinite scalability and personalization of FapAI with human input to create exponentially better digital sex experiences. As AI tech evolves, we will be able to expand into new formats such as GIFs, video, and even connect to sex toys,” he added.

While FapAI is marketed as “the first AI built for sexting”, other ways of conjuring up romantic interests in AI are being explored online. Some people have recently managed to pair VR avatars with ChatGPT, resulting in home-made VR ‘girlfriends’ with sophisticated chat abilities.

ChatGPT does not allow itself to ‘officially’ produce erotic content, so it’s tough to get methods like these to result in anything approaching sexting. However, ChatGPT workarounds that ‘fool’ the AI into being able to produce sex-related chat have gained traction online, although these ‘jailbreak’ loopholes are often quickly closed as the chatbot is updated.

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