Blyynd is an Android and iPhone app dedicated to encrypted anonymous sexting

Blyynd app

A new matching and messaging app (we’re not going to call it a ‘dating app‘) dedicated to anonymous sexting has launched, promising secure, encrypted sext message capabilities between anonymous users.

Blyynd, currently available for iPhone and Android, was in testing late in 2022 and was shown off at CES 2023 in Las Vegas in January 2023. After setting up an anonymous profile on the app, featuring just a first name, you can add other users as friends then potentially escalate online chat to sharing intimate photos, video and voice notes.

The app’s makers claim that safety is a top priority, and as such it also includes a ‘safe lock’ function that can be activated to stop photos being received.

Blyynd: Great if your

Blyynd’s makers also tout the app’s security. Media sent through the app is encrypted and not stored on the company’s servers, meaning that if Blyynd is hacked the attackers shouldn’t be able to access any user media at all. This also means that if you lose the phone you’re sending the media on, it’s lost for good, as it’s not stored on a central server (although you could of course just back up your own media on your own server of choice, security and privacy considerations not-withstanding).

When using Blyynd you can choose to select if you’re interested in interacting with men, women, or both. You can outline what kind of sexting you’re interested in getting up to, and then browse other anonymous users’ profiles and attempt to initiate contact as ‘friend’ matches.

Screenshots are disabled for media sent on the app, increasing security levels further. The makers say they are going to launch profile verification soon, which will require personal identity verification. As such, the company does require personal data to set up profiles, but the creators say that it isn’t shared with third-parties.

Does the world really need a dedicated sexting app that, like most apps, operates a bit like the classic ‘Tinder model’? Being known as a place for sexting media, it could be good to have a platform where users are of a similar sexting mindset, in a dating app landscape in which unsolicited sexting images are often sent.

The anonymous element could also potentially help cut down on dating app catfishing scams, if it ever gets enough users to really take off. If you’re not giving over your full name or images identifying yourself, you’d certainly lower the risk of intimate media being used against you for scams.

Meanwhile, sext addicts didn’t come off well when the results of a new survey about sexting at Texas Tech University were recently released.

A study of 2,160 college students at the institution found that people who sext were more likely to suffer from compulsive sexual behavior, such as sex addiction, than those who don’t sext, reported MailOnline.

Researchers also found that sexters were more likely to use cannabis, and had slightly higher rates of depression than non-sexters.

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