RizzGPT AI smart glasses tell you what to say on dates in real-time


A set of smart AI glasses that can give you live dating advice, including suggestions of what to say to a date in real time, has been created by a group of Stanford University students.

The project, called RizzGPT, is a one-off, but is a striking demonstration of how AI could integrate into people’s love lives in the near future. It works by drawing upon OpenAI’s GPT-4 large language model to the wearer of the glasses, resulting in text conversation prompts.

Bryan Hua-Ping Chiang, one of the students behind the project, said that the device uses OpenAI’s speech recognition software, Whisper, to listen to your conversations, before it “tells you exactly what to say next”.

rizzgpt smart glasses offer realtime dating advice

He added: “Say goodbye to awkward dates and job interviews”.


The device, or any similar future tech, will need to be more discreet before it can be used without drawing attention to itself, as in its current form it’s a rather bulky monocle-like item that snaps over a pair of glasses.

Still, it certainly has potential for aiding dates and other aspects of life. The makers said that RizzGPT can recognise your friends then feed you information specific to them, such as what they should order from a menu you’re looking at through the glasses, based on your friend’s known tastes and nutrition needs.

AI dating: A question that needs an answer

Does acting as a vocal puppet for AI conversation prompts negate the fundamental point of social interactions? Or could prompts like these be considered helpful facilitators that aren’t completely steamrollering human connections? The ethical framework for such technology is yet to be built, or its blueprints even agreed upon.


There have been similar AI-related ethical debates recently over the use of GPT-4 to write messages to matches on dating apps. Is this ‘cheating’ at dating, or just innocently helping you craft the right words to help secure an ‘IRL’ date?

SEXTECHGUIDE asked ChatGPT if using AI smart glasses technology like RizzGPT on a date was ethical. It said that the device could “potentially alleviate social anxiety and improve communication skills for those who struggle with social interactions, making it easier for them to connect with others.”

ChatGPT added: “However, on the other hand, relying on a device to generate conversation topics could also be seen as a form of deception and dishonesty, potentially undermining the trust and authenticity that is necessary for building meaningful relationships.”

So there you go, straight from the proverbial horse’s mouth.

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