Automated cleaner will make sanitizing your sex robot a whole lot easier

Automatic Sex Robot Cleaner

As sex dolls and their robotic equivalents become more prevalent and less taboo (not to mention more realistic), there’s one problem that prevails. How to keep your companion clean and hygienic.

Fortunately, the whole process looks like it’ll be a lot easier with the introduction of the WM Intelligent Doll Cleaner.

Designed for high-end dolls, made of TPE, the kit allows you to wash, disinfect and sanitize in one fluid movement (pun mostly intended), which is particularly useful for dolls and sexbots that don’t have removable genitalia.

The process is fully automated. Simply assemble the machine, fill with water and doll cleaner solution, and insert the nozzle – exactly where you think.

WM Intelligent Cleaner for Sex Dolls

“Previously you’d need to use a hand held irrigator tool to wash out, then do clean and sterilize with hydrogen peroxide, and then use tampons or a fan or an airpump to try and dry your doll,” explains Louie ‘Love’, co-founder of Silicone Lovers.

“On auto mode the unit will take care of all of the above – it will do the liquid wash, an ultrasonic clean, air dry and then UV sterilize.”

Nick adds that the device will bring down one of the biggest hurdles to ownership – albeit one that still requires you to have enough money to afford a sex robot.

If you prefer a more ‘personal service’ for your companion, you can select a manual or semi-automatic mode, but the real beauty of the device is that you can plug it in and forget it.

We’re a teeny bit concerned that it looks somewhat heavy and cumbersome, but it could pave the way to a more viable doll brothel which doesn’t require intensive manual cleaning between clients.

Silicone Lovers will be selling the package in the coming weeks, though that all-important price tag still hasn’t been revealed.

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