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While many people do not think that Android apps that are also stores for adult content exist, Aptoide has been around for a number of years and has proven itself a great place to find quality adult content safely.

Aptoide is an alternative marketplace, where each user manages their own store. It is available in over 40 languages and boasts over 6 billion downloads and 200 million users. In all, Aptoide has over 500,000 android apps. Not all of these are adult industry related though.

While Aptoide does not directly provide pornographic content, it is a preferred choice for many people seeking mobile porn, comics, and adult games. With a selection of apps that both allow you to stream porn and download it on your phone, the options for finding the pornography that you like are vast..and still growing on the Aptoide store.

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Aptoide - Best Porn App
Aptoide APK: Features

Downloading applications like these can be nerve-racking for some people. Aptoide claims that each app in the store has been scanned for malware infections and viruses.

Scanning these applications, and removing the apps that come back as malicious can help protect your phone from becoming infected by a virus. Even though the apps have been scanned, it is always best to play things on the safe side and have an antivirus app on your phone just in case.

Another positive point for Aptoide is that it is free. In fact, a large percentage of the porno apps that are available on Aptoide are free as well. It is a third-party store that’s is easy to download and use, which isn’t always to be taken for granted.

Aptoide is a fantastic app to explore other apps that are available and directed at adults. It’ll be notable for some that Aptoide is not only a cell phone app, as it is possible to use it on your smart TV and set box as well.

Additionally, there is a version of the application that is designed specifically for lower-end devices and users that have slower internet speeds.

With years of experience under its belt, Aptoide has become a go-to store that has attracted many adult companies, including prominent ones, to post their own apps in its store.

On the downside, while many of the apps are free, some of the ones you’ll probably want to download will end up costing you money – done via a credits system.

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