Nintendo reportedly bans ‘uncensored boobs’ on all its consoles


Nintendo has reportedly put a ‘boob ban’ in place across all games on its consoles, meaning that Nintendo Switch experiences are likely to be female nipple-free zones from now on, as the company becomes the latest to crack down on certain aspects of human anatomy.

The Japanese company’s consoles are generally billed as family-friendly and not a haven for explicit material anyway, so the move would be unlikely to have a huge impact in the world of gaming. It might, however, lead to some blurred out visuals on some of the Switch’s more ‘niche’ titles.

The alleged ban was revealed by Japanese erotic game producer Gamuzumi at the end of September. The company claimed that it had been told by Nintendo that an “uncensored boobs” ban was now in place, and that Gamuzumi’s games Hot Tentacles Shoot and Elves Christmas Hentai Puzzle being rejected by Nintendo.

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SEXTECHGUIDE has contacted Nintendo for clarification on the reported policy change, and will update with any new information, if the company responds.

Gamuzumi suggested that they had updated the games to comply with the policy, writing on Twitter, “We’ll try to send the games without nudity for approval again.”

“It’s a shame that now, all consoles have restrictions about nudity content, this probably will affect not only our games but also games from other publishers/devs, at least, [but] we still can release the games censored,” the game’s creators added.

Gamuzumi noted that it was still able to release games on platforms such as Steam and This link opens in a new tab.Nutaku, which don’t have such restrictive breast exposure policies.

Nintendo is by no means alone in banning uncensored female nipples, following in the footsteps of Instagram, Facebook and other socially-oriented platforms. Twitter is the only social media platform that doesn’t actively disallow nudity. Meanwhile, Steam’s nudity rules can also leave game developers confused.

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