Super Seducer 3 dating sim finds home on Nutaku after Steam ban

Super Seducer 3 Nutaku

Dating simulation game Super Seducer 3 has been released on the adult-orientated Nukatu game hosting site, following it being banned from the Steam Store download service.

In March 2021 it was revealed that Super Seducer 3, created by Richard La Ruina, had failed to get approval to be hosted on the Steam Store. Valve, the company that owns the Steam Store, reportedly told La Ruina that Steam does “not ship sexually explicit images of real people”: a statement that caused confusion as La Ruina pointed out that Super Seducer 3 did not feature nudity.

This month, August 2021, La Ruina announced that the game had new distribution and was available on Nukatu, which is known for its adult-orientated content and hentai games. “We always tried to find the most beautiful actresses,” La Ruina said, “so we hope that they can match up to the anime girls in other games.”

When quibbling the Steam ban, La Ruina previously told Valve that he “did not make a game that was trying to be controversial or sexually explicit”. However, by collaborating with Nukatu he appears to have decided to lean in to Super Seducer 3’s categorization as an adult game. This may, of course, be due to lack of options rather than a shift of opinion.

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Screenshot 2021 08 17 at 10.31.50
A still from the Super Seducer 3 promo video

Super Seducer 3 contains around ten hours of footage featuring actors: mainly La Ruina in a lead pickup artist role and the attractive women he tries to date.

The game being blocked from Steam fuelled confusion about Steam’s stance on adult content. In 2018 Valve announced that the service would allow “everything” on its platform aside from content that was “illegal” or “straight-up trolling”. In early 2021 Holodexxx, an adult content-orientated virtual reality (VR) game studio, revealed that its products had been banned from the Steam Store.

“We are happy to have our super-sexy game on Nutaku, giving players a chance to try something new. Real actors and real dating advice should be something unique, and we are excited to see what players on Nutaku think of what we have made,” La Ruina said.

Despite finding a willing outlet for Super Seducer 3, La Ruina has cast doubt over whether there will be further games in the series.

Responding to a question from a Twitter user about a potential horror version of the game, he said: “Without Steam or console distribution, making games makes no sense financially.”

You can check out Super Seducer 3, proudly uncensored, at

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